Parking disc incorrectly set? This could get expensive!

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Set parking disc for car Penalty parking disc incorrectly set? This could get expensive!

The parking disc belongs in every vehicle. If the parking disc is required when parking, the driver should use it. Otherwise the rules will be violated. Because it can be more expensive than expected. Meanwhile become up to 30 euros fine due if the turntable is missing. At first glance, everyone thinks that a parking disc is not rocket science. Set the time and put it on the dashboard and everything is done right. But now we clarify a little. The fault lies in the detail. The white and blue parking disc is allowed should not can be set to the exact arrival time.

The parking disc and the problem lies in the detail

Set parking disc for car Penalty 2 Parking disc incorrectly set? This could get expensive!

Strictly speaking, it should for the next half hour to the arrival time vorgestellt will. Specifically, this means that the vehicle will take five minutes after the hour For example, at 14.05:XNUMX p.m., the parking disc will be turned off at 14.30 p.m. set. Otherwise, the person who parked would do the wrong thing. Indeed it would Conduct a fine of 10 to 30 euros entail. And one look has to be enough for the parking disc to be clearly visible with the time set.

Adjustment is not allowed!

There is not enough time, then what? The vehicle owner may should not turn the parking disc again. That is forbidden! After just 30 minutes of exceeding the permitted parking time, there is a risk of a fine of 10 Euros. If you exceed 60 minutes, you have to pay a fine of 15 Euros count and even with two hours 20 Euros. And if it's three hours longer, it costs a meager 30 Euros.

However, there is the possibility of Parking space extension. This requires a trip around the block. It is questionable whether the parking lot will still be there. Incidentally, driving backwards and forwards in a supposedly clever way within the parking space is also sufficient not from.

Sometimes the devil is in the details

A supermarket operator is interested in only his customers park in the customer parking lot for the shopping to be done. The driver should therefore know that it is a Private property acts. The owner therefore has the right to have a vehicle towed away after exceeding the parking time according to the parking disc or when parking without a parking disc. This can even result in contractual penalties. So it is highly recommended that you stick to the rules. Tip: Towed car? It is important to keep this in mind when it comes to costs and payments.

Set parking disc for car Penalty 3 Parking disc incorrectly set? This could get expensive!

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