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Can you retrofit trailer-recognizing ESP in the car?

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Trailer ESP ESC retrofitting e1581594116265 Can you retrofit trailer recognizing ESP in the car?

As a ESP, electronic stability program, or in English ESC, electronic stability control, we refer to a safety program that prevents cars from accidentally swerving while driving. It brakes individual wheels in a targeted manner in order to counteract such reactions of the vehicle and thereby increases its stability while driving. With the moose test and the first-generation Mercedes A-Class, the topic became known worldwide. In the meantime, there are also software extensions that are specifically designed for driving with trailers, the so-called ESP recognizing followers, It is intended to help prevent the trailer from swaying or swinging after a steering movement and thus to avoid dangerous accidents caused by rocking. Anyone who frequently travels to camping with an older towing vehicle can certainly ask themselves to what extent it is possible and sensible to retrofit this function in their vehicle.

ESP recognizing followers makes sense?

Trailer ESP ESC retrofitting 2 e1581594366776 Can you retrofit trailer-recognizing ESP in the car?

When driving with the trailer, for example when changing lanes quickly, the trailer lurches or swings, which poses a danger to the traffic behind and also impairs the traction of the towing vehicle and prevents you from driving Trailer can unsettle familiar drivers. In order to restore stability, a short braking pulse is then required, which, however, must not be carried out too strongly in order not to endanger the traffic behind by the sudden deceleration of the vehicle. A trailer-recognizing ESP automatically recognizes the pendulum movement of the trailer and reacts by specifically braking the right wheels. It can usually end dangerous lurching faster and more safely than the driver could do alone. A corresponding test by the ADAC has found an increase in driving safety by trailer-recognizing ESP, even if no system has yet been rated as very good. However, its use makes perfect sense.

Can you retrofit trailer-recognizing ESP?

Retrofitting trailer-recognizing ESP on older vehicle models has unfortunately proven to be too complicated to actually pay off. However, a practical alternative has been developed for these vehicles. An external retrofittable ESP especially for trailers. It is not installed on the towing vehicle, but on the trailer itself. This is much easier to do and has proven to be quite effective in the ADAC test. This system also recognizes a pendulum movement of the trailer shortly after its creation. However, it does not compensate for this by braking the wheels of the towing vehicle, but rather by braking the wheels of the trailer. This means that the impact on the towing vehicle is also less pronounced. And a retrofitted external trailer ESP can also be used in combination with a vehicle that already has the trailer ESP on board. The ADAC test showed that this can even lead to a further improvement in stabilization performance. Retrofitting with trailer-recognizing ESP can therefore be assessed as meaningful for all trailers.

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Trailer ESP ESC retrofitting 3 Can you retrofit trailer-recognizing ESP in the car?

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