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Tuning on the fog lights - the best options

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Fog light LED rear fog light Tuning 4 e1562740260157 Tuning on the fog light the best possibilities

When it comes to upgrading the lighting equipment of vehicles, the spirits are often different. There are innumerable possibilities but also countless dangers, perhaps unconsciously obstructing something illegal on the vehicle. And even individual fog lights with LED technology enjoy great popularity for years. Because the special LEDs offer many advantages compared to normal incandescent lamps with halogen technology. Before that, however, some questions should be clarified. By the way, there is more about headlights in our large overview "Headlights from halogen to LED to xenon - an indispensable companion"!

What exactly is a fog lamp?

Fog lights LED rear fog light Tuning 6 tuning on the fog lights the best options

The light source in the lower part of the front apron is actually known from rally vehicles. But they should not be confused with the additional headlights for the high beam. These are often imposing and conspicuously mounted on the roof, but high-beam auxiliary headlights are also often installed on the front apron. Fog lights are primarily used to improve visibility directly in front of the vehicle in difficult conditions by removing the fog "under lights". Today almost all road vehicles have fog lights. They are installed on the right and left in the lower part of the front apron. Sometimes they are also integrated directly into the main headlight. Then modifying the fogger is almost impossible if you don't want to build in additional ones. As the name suggests, fog lights are mainly used in fog. But the fogger also helps in heavy rain or snowfall. Well-known suppliers of fog lights are: Hella, Fogstar, Alkar, Aurora, Valeo, Depo or Magneti Marelli!

Which rules are important for the conversion?

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning Tuning on fog lights the best options

First, it is regulated in the StVZO that the light of the fog lights must be white or light yellow. A different color for the light on a front vehicle is not allowed. A car without fog lights can almost always be retrofitted. However, the headlamps must have the European ECE approval to be legal. If the installation is completed, these must be approved by the TÜV. Is it one? real Fog lights and no daytime running lights (or a combination) so this may only work in conjunction with the parking light, low beam or high beam.

When installing, pay attention to the following points:

  • a mounting height of at least 25 cm or a maximum of 80 cm above the ground must be ensured
  • No installation above the dipped beam
  • Side clearance to the sides of the vehicle must be min. 40 cm

The fog lights must necessarily be mounted in front. For the back you can also use a red rear fog lamp (also with clear glass optics or in black). Here, too, there are legal opportunities to stand out from the crowd and the Rear fog light can with LED technology be ordered. Many tuners such as Mansory, Akrapovic, Larte Design or Brabus, for example, offer a diffuser for the car on which a central rear fog light has been installed. But even with the rear fog light must be paid attention to the connection. Also, it must not be used without the vehicle lighting.

Larte Design Shtorm GT Maserati Levante GranSport 2019 Bodykit Tuning 3 Tuning on the fog lights the best possibilities

What advantages does the conversion bring?

  • better visibility in bad weather
  • more security through it
  • the car has an extra extra
  • long life, since usually only little use
  • one is better seen (rear fog lamp)


  • Costs due to purchase, conversion and acceptance (but only once)
  • increased power consumption

What types of fog lights are there?

There are some differences here. There are fog lights for 12-V, for 24 V and for 48 V Bordnetze. The 48 V fog lights are more likely to be found in modern hybrid vehicles. Some fog lights have the function of dimming. This allows the use as a daytime running light. However, these must be explicitly identified as such.

Fog light LED rear fog light Tuning Tuning on the fog light the best possibilities

In summary, what is allowed:

  • the front headlights must be white or yellow
  • The lamps may only be used in combination with the dipped beam or with the parking light. (by relay)
  • Use as daytime running lights only permitted with explicit marking
  • There is no obligation that you have to have fog lights or rear fog lights

On it must also be paid attention:

  • The fog lights can be designed for 12 V, 24 V or 48 V, so pay attention here
  • Which fog lights can be installed often determines the vehicle manufacturer by the shape of the front bumper
  • It must be paid to the test marks and approvals, otherwise the TÜV does not take this off and you must not put the fog lights in operation.

Upgrading the fog lights

Fog lights LED rear fog light Tuning 3 tuning on the fog lights the best options

If you want to "tune" the fogger, you can do this with the mentioned LED fog lights. If the car is already equipped with fog lights ex works, these are almost always equipped with halogen lamps. Here there is the possibility of replacing the headlights with those with LED technology. There are approved LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) Fog lights which are based on the factory foggers optically and are installed directly on the standard attachment points. This variant is a bit more expensive, but it looks especially good. Alternatively, there are universal LED fog lights are fitted with special brackets to the front bumper. By the way: You can find out which penalties threaten in the event of incorrectly activated or not activated lighting in our large article onLights on the car: function, regulations, fines“Read.

no xenon in the fog lights

Fog lights Xenon rear fog light tuning e1562740033272 tuning on the fog lights the best options

A few years ago, the conversion to xenon technology in the fog lights was extremely popular. Here, however, without going into detail, we refer to the fact that these variants verboten is! We hope that you the info report on the term Tuning fog lights & rear fog lights (Further designations & keywords: LED fog lights, xenon fog lights, xenon optics fog lights, clear glass fog lights, additional fog lights, fog lights with daytime running lights, LED rear fog lights) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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