Turbo flutes / exhaust whistles: China nonsense for the exhaust system!

Exhaust pipe Turbo Floeten tailpipe Turbo Whistler

Surely one or the other of well-known China gadget shops that advertise obtrusively on social media platforms has already seen the so-called Exhaust whistles / turbo flutes or whatever you call the cheese, seen. These are small bets for them tailpipes from the vehicle, which are said to ensure that even a small three-cylinder sounds like a fat bi-turbo V8. Depending on the manufacturer, such an exhaust whistle is usually made of an aluminum alloy with the cheapest processing quality and the durability and stability in particular are almost always catastrophic. The Turbo Sound Simulator whistle is available in almost every color (chrome, black, white, red, etc.) and the part is installed directly in the tailpipe using a clamp and screw attached to the whistle.

Turbo flutes / exhaust pipes

Exhaust pipe Turbo Floeten tailpipe Turbo Whistler 3 E1675327062389

And is the flute, or are the flutes (depending on the number of tailpipes) attached to the vehicle, then you definitely have the certainty of making a real fool of yourself in relation to the person behind you. Because no matter what color, even a layman can recognize these things from a distance of 100 meters. At least if the vehicle does not have a tailpipe pointing downwards. It must also be mentioned that the screws, regardless of the manufacturer, are rarely really tight or even permanent. And it must also be mentioned that after installation, the vehicle certainly does not sound like a turbocharged engine, but simply embarrassing squeaks. In principle, such a turbo sound whistle can also be used on motorcycles, but it is just as stupid there.

completely illegal of course

Exhaust Howler Exhaust Whistle Tuning

The whistling sound is emitted by the air flow from the exhaust gas and changes the background noise of the vehicle accordingly. Needless to say, these things are natural in the realm of public roads not allowed. There is also no supplier who offers such a turbo flute with a ABE, One Teilegutachten or a E-mark offers. I wonder why? It should also be mentioned that the person behind is certainly not very enthusiastic if the part flies into the windscreen or the radiator grille of the vehicle at full speed. We don't want to talk about a motorcyclist with an open helmet visor at this point. So stay away from this one Baumarkt-Tuning. It looks wicked It's illegal, it sounds completely stupid and it is a danger to others.

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