What is a tuning transmission oil cooler and when is it necessary?

Automatic transmission oil cooler transmission oil cooler tuning

A tuned transmission cooler is a retrofittable component that is used to reduce heat build-up in the Transmission of the vehicle to reduce. The purpose and use of a tuned transmission cooler is to increase the performance and the service life of the transmission, especially at high loads - especially through performance improvements – and frequent changing of gears. Compared to the standard component (if any), a tuned transmission cooler is usually larger and all in all more effective. However, a transmission cooler is not always installed as standard, and this is often missing, especially in smaller vehicles. Incidentally, with regard to legal concerns, it should be noted that the installation may not comply with the applicable regulations. It is important to find out about the applicable laws before installation. As a rule, an entry is however not required!

Best Choice for High Performance Vehicles - Fitment and Compatibility

Automatic transmission oil cooler transmission oil cooler tuning 2

When installing the tuningtransmission cooler It should also be borne in mind that the vehicle may (depending on construction) require a larger quantity of coolant and that the installation will be carried out by an experienced mechanic. Vehicles that often carry high loads, such as powerful sports cars, but also vehicles with a lot of trailers, are best suited for installing the tuning transmission cooler. Installation is generally possible on almost all vehicles, however it is advisable to seek advice beforehand to ensure the component can be installed correctly and is compatible with the car. The function of the tuning transmission cooler is to reduce heat build-up in the transmission by directing the transmission oil through the oil cooler, thus lowering the temperature. This ensures better lubricating properties and indirect cooling of the gear parts by the oil.

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Tuning transmission coolers are popular among car enthusiasts and tuning fans because they can increase transmission performance, transmission life and improve drivability. There are different variants of tuning transmission coolers, such as simple cooling fins, air or water coolers. The advantage of air or water coolers over simple cooling fins is that they allow higher heat transfer and therefore more effective cooling. There are also special racing gear coolers designed for track use that offer even higher performance and cooling.

The downside of the medal

A disadvantage of tuned transmission coolers can be that they require more space and can be expensive to install. It is also important to note that a tuned transmission cooler may affect the vehicle's warranty, if any, and that it will be necessary to change the transmission oil more frequently. Although it may be illegal in some countries to fit tuned parts without the manufacturer's consent, there are generally no legal concerns about fitting a tuned transmission cooler as long as it is properly installed and the applicable laws are followed.

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