Monday, September 27, 2021


The company SC Automobile Dacia SA became 1966 with the help of Renault founded in Mioveni, Romania. Currently, just under 12.500 employees are employed at the sites worldwide. These are among others in Romania, Russia, Colombia and Morocco. The idea of ​​naming the brand Dacia comes from the fact that Romania was a Roman province under the name of Dacia (modern Dakien). With the Dacia 1100 1968 was the first car from the band in Mioveni. This was based on the Renault 8 model. After the country slowly opened to the West, Renault acquired 1999 majority stake in Dacia. Were the commercial vehicles in the West for a long time mocked as cheap, Dacia managed the big breakthrough in the crisis around the year 2008 around. The brand offered their vehicles at rival prices and was already able to announce 2009 an increase in sales of 91 percent. Meanwhile, the models Duster and Logan enjoy great popularity. The proven technology can be improved even more with tuning. With autotuning you can customize the vehicles even better.