Onyx Concept

For the tuning company Onyx Concept two things are in the foreground. First: Damn noble cars, like Land Rover, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes. So you can clearly see where the priorities and preferences of the girls and boys are. And secondly, a certain catchphrase: comfort! In addition to the incredibly blatant performance of the vehicles, which is achieved through professional car tuning, the comfort of the driver is a top priority. Everyone can understand that you have to feel comfortable in your new vehicle and sit comfortably. As beautiful and powerful as the car is, it feels like sitting on a wooden platform and there is no fun in the long run. The team has understood this and is happy to refine all models to improve comfort and driving experience. For this they are highly regarded by all customers. You can always rely on top service. Hot bodies, with a lot of horsepower under the hood and a comfortable seat, what more could you want? There is more about the company onyxconcept.com.

Onyx Concept OTS Edition! Porsche Cayenne with a difference

porsche cayenne onyx concept 3 310x165 Onyx Concept OTS Edition! Porsche Cayenne with a difference

These are the details of the Onyx Concept OTS Edition: new front apron widened fenders side skirts rear apron centrally arranged and double-flow exhaust system air inlets in the bonnet roof edge spoiler mirror caps made of carbon 22-inch rims widened fenders sport wheel stitched leather seats carbon equipment We also have a few ...

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