Ken I've shrunk the Hoonitruck - 1971 Honda pickup

In October last year, drift artists hired Ken Block his mistake 1977 Ford F-150 with 928 PS the world public before, and in GYMKHANA TEN you might already see the bullet in action. The crazy conversion has the tinkerer, drag racer and car Alex Saint so impressed that he also wanted to call his own. But of course Alex did not just want to rebuild the Hoonitruck but create his own interpretation. And that's why, instead of an 1977er Ford F-150, the tiny Honda N600 Pickup K-Car (Kei Car) from the year 1971 was the basis. With a weight of under 500 kg, the practical workhorse is an optimal base. But of course not with the air-cooled 38 PS 2 cylinder four-stroke engine but with a nearly 200 PS strong Suzuki GSX-R 1000 engine.

1971 Honda Pickup N600

The power is enough to chase the N600, which has been reinforced with a tubular frame, in just 12,4 seconds over the quarter mile and that with incredible 166 km / h. The driver enjoys a sequential six-speed gearbox and a heavy-duty sports suspension. Of course, the short wheelbase ensures a breathtaking cornering so that the N600 pickup looks good on the race track as well. Obtaining the acceleration values ​​naturally requires adequate tires. Tiny 8 inch alloy wheels with a relatively thick 9,5 inch width, the pickup gets donated all around and equipped the wheelset with extremely wide Toyo-Semislicks with white tire stickers.

the rims are more wide than high

The rest of the body is reduced to the bare essentials and so there are no covers for the wheel arches or any other unnecessary body parts. Only a large ducktail rear spoiler is installed at the end of the loading area. And to make it look something there was an elaborately applied Plasti Dip spray film in the familiar monster look including Toyo Tires & Hoonigan badges all around. And even the lettering is not just glued on, but takes hours of work with prefabricated stencils sprayed, Was responsible Jason Brozak who has already posted many videos on this product on YouTube and shows what you can do with a spray film.

the engine sits on the bed

By the way, the projectile is far from finished! Alex would like to add a turbocharger to the 1.000 cc motorcycle engine in the future. The goal is about 400 hp. And you can see what they are capable of in this video of a Suzuki Hayabusa against the Toyota Supra 1.000 "konja". Due to the engine installed at the rear, however, it is impossible for the turbocharger to protrude from the bonnet like on a real Hoonitruck. But who cares? As soon as the changes have been implemented, we will of course inform you. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Christian McMaster on Youtube)

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Motorcycle engine in the 1971 Honda pickup

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