Saturday 18th September 2021

Video: Dodge Ram explodes with Cummins tuning diesel!

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Dodge Ram Cummins Tuning Diesel Explosion Tuning 2 Video: Dodge Ram with Cummins Tuning Diesel explodes!

Bye bye Cummins Diesel! This old one Dodge Ram pickup has (or had) a crazy one under the hood High-performance motor. The project vehicle accommodates one Cummins I6 turbo diesel with a XXXXXXL turbocharger. The car is from Power Driven Diesel from Utah, and even if we don't know all the details, according to the video, the vehicle is said to be crazy 250 PSI boost pressure have run. If you are not familiar with the tuning diesel scene, this number is certainly for you incredible. That may actually be the case, but +150 PSI boost pressure is not uncommon in a heavily tuned diesel engine. The engine was apparently already doing reliable 2.700 hp (2.013 KW), but for the title "Ultimate Callout Challenge“Had to win even more here.

Nitrous oxide makes the engine go up!

So there was another 100 HP (76 kW) additional power mittels laughing gas and a few more settings and tweaks to get crazy from 3.000 HP (2.237 kW). It is unclear whether the goal was achieved before the bang. What is clear, however, is that the engine made the ass up when he did Nitrous oxide button was pressed. And in a pretty spectacular way. The valves, pistons and countless components flew up into the air within a few milliseconds and then partly down at the audience. But apparently they were injured - including the driver - none. It's best to see it for yourself.


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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Video: Dodge Ram with Cummins Tuning Diesel explodes!

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