Tuesday 21st September 2021

2022 Tesla Cybertruck as a motorhome? Why not!

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cyberlandr Tesla Cybertruck Motorhome Camper Conversion 24 2022 Tesla Cybertruck as a motorhome? Why not!

The Tesla Cybertruck became not yet revealed in its final version, but there are already the first ideas about the Stromer to the camper to remodel. That team from Cyberlandr. The living attachment is designed in such a way that it fits completely on the XXL loading area of ​​the Cybertruck and at the same time influences the aerodynamics of the truck with only minimal effects on the range. Once the mighty off-roader has arrived at the campsite, the camping attachment lifts out of the loading area to create a compact living space with a fully equipped Kitchen and a Sleeping area for four people including a small one Bath.

Tesla Cybertruck as a motorhome

And Elon Musk seems to like the concept for the Cybertruck. On Twitter, he recently commented on Cyberlandr with the word "cool". The structure is so far only a theory, since, as already mentioned, Tesla has not yet presented the final vehicle, but the principle is in place. But when should it be so far? According to Tesla, Cybertruck production should start towards the end of 2021, but after more than 7 months there is still no final design or even a date. And the development / testing of the mobile home can only begin when the finished Cybertruck is available for testing.

cyberlandr Tesla Cybertruck Motorhome Camper Conversion 20 2022 Tesla Cybertruck as a motorhome? Why not!

  • Built by CyberLandr
  • Two-story mobile home extension on the loading area for the Tesla Cybertruck (pop-up cabin), no fixed cabin with alcove, but a drop-off cabin that is flat during the journey (can be expanded to full size on the campsite)
  • High tech in the interior: Faucet with voice control, invisible hotplates, air conditioning, 32 inch (0,81 m) 4K TV, surround system, seats can be converted into beds, wet room with dry toilet, underfloor heating, used water is reused by means of a filter system
  • Electricity from solar panels, internet via Starlink satellites

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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the electric Tesla Cybertruck as a motorhome

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