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Roller Tuning - Interesting facts about upper performance limits, operating permits and insurance protection

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Scooter Tuning Scooter Tuning Scooter Tuning - Useful information about upper performance limits, operating license and insurance protection

As with cars, performance-enhancing tuning also promises more driving fun with scooters. However, scooter owners have to pay attention to a few things so that the increase in speed does not have any negative effects on the traffic offenders record and insurance coverage. Otherwise there is a risk of heavy fines, driving license revocation and costly claims for damages.

Elementary upper performance limits

Before tuning measures are taken, the speed limits for the respective two-wheelers should first be clarified. The legal maximum speed for mopeds is 25 kilometers per hour (km / h), for small motorbikes it is 45 km / h. If you want to drive faster with the scooter, you must be able to show a class A driving license. This entitles you to drive motorcycles. However, a tiered system applies here - the most important facts:

  • Reduced driving license class A2 for motorcycles up to 35 kW - from 18 years
  • Driving license class A from 20 years for motorcycles, if A2 was previously acquired and at least two years of practical experience can be proven
  • Driving license class A from 24 years as direct entry (without previous ownership A2)

While the driving license A2 limits the performance, with Driving license A for all motorcycles regardless of their performance be driven. Driving license A1 is generally possible for drivers aged 16 and over and is valid for motorcycles with a maximum displacement of 125 ccm and a maximum engine output of eleven kW. Those who want to switch from A1 to A2 also need two years of practical experience. The advantage of expanding the class: After preparing for an exam in the driving school, a practical exam is sufficient to advance to the next higher class. The same applies to the change from A2 to A.

Since the beginning of 2020 there has been an option for Extension of the driving license class B with the code number 196. The following video guide reveals what this is all about:

Proper removal of the restriction

If you have the necessary driver's license to dethrottle the scooter, this is only the first step for a legal tuning. So that there are no problems later, all changes to the scooter must be documented. Scooter owners are therefore well advised to find out about all the necessary evidence in good time. “As a rule, at least that is required Individual acceptance by TÜV and the entry of the changes in the registration certificate Part I ("vehicle registration”)“, Explains the editors below, a consumer portal for the current catalog of fines, which provides information about scooter throttles and the associated measures in a guide.

If the corresponding precautions for a valid operating license are neglected, the operating license for the vehicle expires. According to § 19 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, StVZO for short, vehicles may only be moved in road traffic if they have a valid operating permit. A violation is a misdemeanor, a fine is the result. Depending on the severity, the fine varies between 50 and around 130 euros. It becomes particularly expensive in connection with traffic safety hazards.

Interested parties can find out more about the official acceptance of changes for an approval atänderungsabnahme. During a consultation, the experts from the testing organization explain whether an entry in the vehicle documents is necessary.

Important information on the operating permit

Many scooters are characterized by a throttle when purchased so that they do not drive faster than the driver's license class allows. Anyone who removes the restriction risks a fine and even imprisonment. The reason: If the upper speed limit of the driver's license is exceeded, scooter tuners are officially on the road without a driver's license. And because that Driving without a license according to German law a Traffic offense represents, the Criminal Code (StGB) applies and not the Law on Administrative Offenses (OWiG). Compared to an administrative offense, these are punished much more severely.

Roller Tuning Scooter Tuning 2 Roller Tuning - Useful information about upper performance limits, operating license and insurance protection

So that the insurance cover does not expire: Report it!

Structural changes to vehicles must also be reported to the responsible insurance company. Tuning measures or performance increases are included here. Anyone who forgets the report or deliberately does not act, must expect the loss of insurance cover. This can have fatal consequences in the event of an accident. If, for example, a traffic accident with personal injury occurs after the scooter has been dethrottled, the insurance company may refuse to settle the claim and even demand repayment. Overall, existence-threatening costs are conceivable. Any tuning should be reported to the insurance company prior to implementation. Preferably in writing, so that proof of the notification can be presented in an emergency. Due to the higher performance, a risk surcharge on the part of the insurance is realistic after the scooter has been dethrottled. Ultimately, the additional benefit increases the risk of an accident and this must be insured accordingly.

Additional information:

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Scooter Tuning Scooter Tuning Scooter Tuning - Useful information about upper performance limits, operating license and insurance protection

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