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There is no such thing as impossible! Just build a station wagon yourself!

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QWEST Norfolk Tesla Model S Kombi Shootingbrake Tuning 11 You can't do it, you can't do it! Just build a station wagon yourself!

If you want to tune your vehicle and also consider expanding the trunk, a combination conversion for the vehicle is interesting if the desired model is only available as a sedan, for example. The conversion of a vehicle to a station wagon is associated with extensive body work. A project like this is at least as complex as transforming one Sedan to the coupe, to the Convertible or to do Pickup, An experienced tuning workshop should therefore be contracted for the conversion. Tuning companies can be found on the Internet that specialize in bodywork or even converting to a station wagon. What a combination conversion of the vehicle includes is explained in more detail below.

Combi conversion for a vehicle

QWEST Norfolk Tesla Model S Kombi Shootingbrake Tuning 5 You can't do it, you can't do it! Just build a station wagon yourself!

Body builders are able to extensively convert a car. There are already countless successfully converted estate cars that previously had a different rear and had less loading volume. Regardless of whether Tesla model S or other car models, it is possible for specialists to carry out a combi conversion for almost any vehicle. To convert, for example, it is necessary to remove the roof of the vehicle in the rear part. The roof should be removed professionally and professionally up to the driver's seat. For the new estate model, a rear end has to be designed and manufactured accordingly. The parts must fit exactly and be made of robust materials (OEM quality if possible) be made. After all, the new combi model should be of high quality and in no way inferior to the sedan. For example, carbon fiber, carbon or stainless steel can be used as the material for the rear components.

Further procedure for the combi conversion

The carbon fibers used as body components are, compared to other materials, light and at the same time very robust. The vehicle model can even be lighter than the original vehicle after the conversion. In addition to the carbon parts, in order to achieve the combination shape, other parts are of course necessary for the vehicle conversion. The new combi model must have custom-made lenses, because the original lenses usually no longer fit or are not enough in number. And sometimes it's even worth talking to the manufacturer. Because a specific station wagon conversion could even be carried out with the consent of the manufacturer and the car has kept its manufacturer's guarantees. The combination conversion of a vehicle creates more space and leads to a larger loading area and a larger loading volume. Dog owners in particular will be happy with such a combination. First and foremost, however, the uniqueness speaks for a conversion. What the legal situation with regard to road approval looks like, should be discussed with a tuning workshop or a testing organization in advance. As a rule, however, it is no problem to be able to use a professionally converted vehicle legally in road traffic by means of individual acceptance.

Combination of the vehicle - conclusion

Converting a car to a station wagon requires extensive body work. The targeted car model should be suitable for converting to a station wagon. Tuning workshops can provide information about the suitability for conversion. Having an older car model tuned into a station wagon or even using a newer car for the conversion work can be an advantage. The car has a larger loading area, a larger loading volume and a unique exterior. The conversion work itself should be carried out by professional body builders. A tuning workshop must have experience with such a conversion. However, the legal situation should be clarified before starting the renovation work.

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Tesla Model S Shooting Brake RemetzCar Tuning 14 It doesn't work, it doesn't exist! Just build a station wagon yourself!

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  1. It's good to know that there are special tuning workshops that specialize in vehicle conversions. I would like to have a larger trunk for my sedan, but I didn't expect it to be so expensive. I'll see if it's financially worth it.

  2. I and my father love converting cars. He even has a friend who has a company that has a lot of customers with body work who also like to convert their cars, even just as a hobby and not because they absolutely need it. What fascinates him about it is that afterwards his cars become unique pieces and none look the same anymore. I like to read about it and am always looking for people who are as crazy as we are. Thanks for the contribution!

  3. Manuel Löhrmann

    I wasn't even aware that you can easily turn your car into a convertible. I will rely on your tip and look for the right team for the job. It will probably have to be made from investment castings.

  4. Thanks for the tip that converting a car into a station wagon requires extensive body work. Of course, the targeted car model should be suitable for converting to a station wagon. I will ask what I can do in the garage I trust.

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