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An improved bulkhead / fire wall for the car!

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Fire wall fire wall Tuning fire wall An improved fire wall / fire wall for the car!

A bulkhead is used in automotive engineering and is used to protect the interior of a vehicle from fire, smoke and dust from the engine. Such a bulkhead is also known as a fire wall and can be found at various points on a vehicle. The bulkhead, for example, seals off the passenger compartment and is installed below the windshield - between the feet and the engine. Furthermore, a bulkhead can close off the engine compartment in vehicles with rear engines in the direction of the rear seat and in a mid-engine vehicle it is usually located directly behind the seats. Variants are also available in stores that prevent fire, dust and smoke from reaching the passenger and driver areas from the trunk area when the rear seat is removed. The fire wall not only keeps smoke, dust and fire out, but also serves to keep noise, waste heat, airflow and splash water away.

What should be considered when buying?

Fire wall fire wall Tuning fire wall 3 An improved fire wall / fire wall for the car!

The bulkhead should be suitable for the respective vehicle model. Spray walls for almost all vehicles are commercially available. The bulkhead should be made of sturdy material and protect against fire, smoke and dust. For example, 1 mm thick fire walls are available that are made of light aluminum material and are powder-coated. The bulkhead should be easy to assemble and not have to be worked on. If the fire wall is punched from aluminum and powder-coated on both sides, it does not need to be painted afterwards. A good bulkhead made of approx. 1 mm thick aluminum should weigh less than 2 kilograms. Nevertheless, it effectively protects the interior.

Bulkhead fire wall tuning Flame protection wall 5 e1600858294381 An improved bulkhead / fire wall for the car!

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Fire wall fire wall Tuning fire wall 4 An improved fire wall / fire wall for the car!

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Air Breathers Fender Openings Tuning 2 310x165 An improved bulkhead / fire wall for the car!

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Crosshair Headlight Set Headlight Cross Tuning 310x165 An improved bulkhead / fire wall for the car!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 An improved bulkhead / fire wall for the car!

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