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Info: What are so-called remastered vehicles?

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David Brown Automotive 2020 Oselli Edition Mini Remastered 1 Info: What are so-called remastered vehicles?

There are a number of terms in the vehicle and automotive industries. It becomes even more opaque when it comes to the area Tuning acts. In recent years it has been used by so-called remastered vehicles spoken. Many therefore ask themselves which vehicles are behind it?

Remastered cars - what is it exactly?

David Brown Automotive 2020 Oselli Edition Mini Remastered 4 Info: What are so-called remastered vehicles?

The explanation of remastered vehicles is actually very simple. Behind this there is nothing other than one Replica / replica. In other words, a vehicle that has already existed like this before, and which is now being recreated by a manufacturer (mostly with a license). But actually only that is directly linked to the term “remastered” David Brown Mini Remastered! This is a vehicle model from the British car manufacturer David Brown Automotive that was presented at the Top Marques in Monaco in early 2017. The car is reminiscent of the classic original Mini from 1959 which was built until 2000. The design and dimensions are based on the original, but not exactly identical. In contrast to the original Mini, the Mini Remastered has modern LED headlights, there is air conditioning and a 7-inch infotainment system that even comes with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. For the drive, the manufacturer relies on a 1,3-liter gasoline engine with 53 kW (72 PS), which was also used in the original Mini with a little less power. The power is sufficient to accelerate the 740 kg Mini from 0 to 100 km / h in just 11,7 seconds and to reach a top speed of 145 km / h. The designers and manufacturers of remastered vehicles / replicas have only one goal in mind. You want to keep the design of the cult models and just equip them with the latest technology. So anyone who hears the term remastered vehicle in the future can now imagine more of it.

What differences are there?

David Brown Speedback GT 1 1 Info: What are so-called remastered vehicles?

With the remastered cars, the design and therefore the dimensions of the cult model are hardly changed. The only noticeable differences are mostly under the hood and of course inside the vehicle. Anyone who likes such classics from the automotive industry should therefore look specifically for “replica cars”. Because not only the well-known Mini has already been revised, some models by Porsche, Ford or Land Rover are already on our roads with the old look and the new year of construction.

Why are such classics being revised?

David Brown Speedback GT 1 4 Info: What are so-called remastered vehicles?

The automotive industry wants to make high profits by selling vehicles. There are some vehicle models that enjoyed great demand and popularity at the time. Trends come again and again and many vehicle manufacturers naturally want to boost sales figures with the bestsellers from the past. In addition, there are also many vehicle enthusiasts and fans who are specifically and consciously looking for the classics. Most of them do not want to do without modern technology and the associated comfort in the vehicles. And in contrast to those that are also trendy Restomod vehicles, are the replicas or even remastered vehicles also none Decades old. They look like the classics from back then, but impress with modern technology, such as powerful motors and lots of comfort indoors. And they are manufactured in accordance with the latest crash tests and safety regulations. Due to the mostly very manageable “small series”, the regulations are somewhat looser in some countries, but as a rule the replica vehicles are still significantly safer than the cars from back then.

Conclusion on the remastered / replica vehicles

In summary, it can be said that remastered vehicles are just as popular as the Restomod conversions. Visually, they are classics from long forgotten times, which are newly set up, i.e. newly manufactured, and do not use an old vehicle as a base. The cars only offer the familiar design, but have been brought up to date with the latest technology. Whether the Mini, Porsche or another vehicle model, remastered / There are more and more replica vehicles.

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