Vakole Y20 Pro e-bike test report: what can the folding bike with indicators do?

We at recently did this Vakole Y20 Pro e-bike underwent a small test to bring our readers up to date on what we consider to be an “impressive e-bike”. With its combination of high performance, practical features and an attractive price-performance ratio, the Y20 Pro clearly stands out from the competition. The Y20 Pro is a real winner, especially when it comes to established brands Bargain! But more on that at the end of the post. Assembly and initial installation The Vakole Y20 Pro comes almost fully assembled. Buyers just need to complete simple steps like attaching the handlebars or the pedalsto get the bike ready to ride. The simple approach makes it easier for even less experienced users to get started.

Vakole Y20 Pro e-bike

Technical data and performance: A Maximum power of 750 watts The Y20 Pro sets standards in its price class. In our test there were also larger gradients of + 13% no problem at all to heave the driver up the mountain with a lot of propulsion. The integration of one Speed ​​sensor always ensures an immediate response from the engine, which is particularly advantageous in urban environments with frequent stopping and starting. The battery of the Y20 Pro, with a capacity of 960 watt hours, is one of the most powerful on the market. He is easily removable, but can also be charged directly on the bike, which scores points in terms of comfort and flexibility. In our text we drove in the mountains with one battery charge almost 73 km, which is a peak value.

Legal aspects and use

What is particularly noteworthy is that the Y20 Pro comes with a COC certificate (DOWNLOAD) is delivered, which means the lregardless of sale and use within the EU enabled. However, it is important to comply with local laws, particularly the regulations thumb throttle, which is the case with this model not at 6 km/h can be throttled. For completely legal use, especially in Germany, the thumb throttle should be dismantled.

Comfort and equipment: The Saddle The Y20 Pro impresses with its eye-catching design and offers a high level of comfort even on longer tours. Other features include a screen that is easy to read in sunlight color display, a lighting system that can be controlled both via the control panel and an external switch, Rear turn signal, Stoplight and hydraulic disc brakes.

Thanks to the folding mechanism, it can be quickly stowed away

The practical one Folding mechanism Incidentally, it makes storing and transporting the e-bike much easier. And then there is this Accesories: Included in delivery are useful extras such as a (too small) Spiegel, a Bike Phone Mount, a bag for the charger and one air pump. Although the mirror is partly made of plastic and only allows a limited view, others rate it Accessories the overall package clearly stands out.

Price-performance ratio: With a price of current (as of 02.2024/XNUMX) 1.299 EUR (Promotional price with -200 EUR discount), the Vakole Y20 Pro delivers an excellent Price-Performance Ratio. Given the extensive features, high performance and practical features, the Y20 Pro is a great option for beginners and experienced e-bike users alike.

In summary it can be said, that this Vakole Y20 Pro e-bike In our opinion, it impresses with its good performance, user-friendly configuration and comprehensive feature set. It is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a powerful, comfortable and legally compliant e-bike without having to dig deep into their pockets.

Key facts about testing the Vakole Y20 Pro e-bike:

  • Installation: The bike is delivered almost fully assembled; Only a few steps are necessary to get it ready to drive.
  • Maximum performance: 750 watts
  • Legal use: The bike comes with a COC certificate, which allows the bike to be sold and used legally in the EU. However, local laws must be observed, particularly regarding the thumb throttle, which is set up to 25 km/h and cannot be reduced to 6 km/h. It must therefore be dismantledto use the bike legally.
  • Saddle: eye-catching design, very comfortable even on longer tours.
  • Accessories: Contains, among other things, a mirror (partly made of plastic, with unfortunately significantly restricted visibility), a cell phone holder, a pocket for the charger and an air pump.
  • Features:
    • color display
    • Lighting system with the ability to turn on the light via the control panel or a switch
    • Rear turn signal
    • Stoplight
    • Hydraulic disc brakes
    • Folding mechanism for easy storage and transport
    • Speed ​​sensors for immediate engine response
    • Simple switching mechanism
    • Robust wheels without traditional spokes
    • Battery with 960 watt hours, easily removable and chargeable on the bike
    • Spring support on the saddle
  • Price: The bike costs around 1300 EUR, which in our opinion is considered very affordable for the features and performance it offers.

FAQ about the Vakole Y20 Pro e-bike

  • How far can I ride the Vakole Y20 Pro e-bike without recharging the battery? The Y20 Pro comes with one 48V 20Ah Samsung 21700 lithium battery equipped, which has a range of in purely electric driving mode 60 to 80 km enabled. In assistance mode, the battery life can even increase 80–110km achieve, depending on driving conditions and the weight of the driver.
  • What power does the Vakole Y20 Pro's engine have? The 48V 750W rear motor reaches a maximum speed of 25 km/h and has a torque of 60 NM.
  • Are the Y20 Pro tires suitable for all surfaces? Yes, the e-bike is included 20×4,0″ CST fat tires which are suitable for all surfaces.
  • How can I adjust the e-bike settings? The Y20 Pro has one Color LCD with buttons and supports the latest smart app: Key-Disp. With this you can track the position of the bike (iOS only) and customize the bike specifications. The app makes resetting the settings easier and makes the bike smarter and more reliable.
  • Does the Y20 Pro have lighting? Yes, the e-bike is included Turn signals, taillight & front light .
  • What type of brakes are installed? The Y20 Pro used KTET hydraulic disc brakes.
  • How robust is the luggage rack? The luggage rack is off Aluminium manufactured and offers a solid and large loading capacity maximum 50 kg.
  • What is included? The scope of delivery includes: 1 bike, 1 charger, 1 hanging bag, 1 tire repair tool, 1 pump, 1 multi-tool set, 1 phone holder, 1 front basket and 1 user manual.

technical details according to the manufacturer

Property Details
Model Y20 Pro
screen Smart display with buttons
frame material Aluminium
Battery 20Ah Samsung 21700 lithium battery
battery voltage 48V
Charging voltage 56,4V 4A
Charging plug type European standard round connector
Charging time About 5 hours
Power 750w
torque 60 Nm
Speed 5 levels
Mechanical circuit 7 gears
Driving modes 1. electric mode
2. Bicycle mode (without power)
3. Pedal assist mode
Tubes 20*4.0 inches
Brake Hydraulic disc brake
shock absorber Lockable suspension at the front
gradeability 30°
top speed 25 km/h (unlockable)
Mileage fully electric 60–80km
Mileage with pedal assistance 80–110km
Maximum load 150 kg
Maximum load on the luggage rack 50 kg
Height 165 - 200 cm
Fenders Front and rear fenders
Water resistant IP65 (waterproof, can be used in the rain)
Net weight of the bike 36 kg
Weight of the battery 4,2 kg
gross weight 42 kg
product size 172x65x105cm
Folding size 96x44x75cm
Board 98x44x79cm
Accessories Hanging pocket
Tire pump
Multifunctional tool set
Phone holder
Basket in front
Battery charger

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