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2024 Aero program from 3D Design for the BMW M2 (G87)!

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2024 Aero program from 3D Design for the BMW M2 (G87)!

The Japanese tuner 3D design has its latest tuning program for the M2G87 presented. The program emphasizes the aggressive lines of the coupe without changing its core. The goal was to preserve the design and performance of the M2 and enhance it in detail. The Aero program consists of four main components: one Front spoiler, side skirts, One rear diffuser and a rear spoiler. Each of the parts is made of high quality 2×2 carbon crafted, known for its strength and lightness. The material ensures that the M2's performance is improved without making any compromises. The design philosophy behind the program is simple and subtle. The Front spoiler complements the aggressive front of the M2 without exaggerating. The sill elegantly extend the silhouette of the M2 and emphasize a subtle lowering.

Aero program from 3D Design for the M2 (G87)

Improve the rear diffuser and the rear spoiler the aerodynamics while retaining the sporty look of the M2 maintained. In addition to the aero parts, the G87 M2 was also included in the pictures special rims equipped. There was one for this Prototype chassis. It lowers the car by about 20 mm off, what dem M2 there is an even more aggressive attitude. And 3D Design has announced that a real one Racing rear wing is already in development. The part will give the M2 a much more striking look and possibly gain a few tenths on the racetrack. The Aero program of 3D design for the M2 G87 shows how the appearance and performance can be further improved with suitable components without destroying the actual design.

2024 Aero program from 3D Design for the BMW M2 (G87)!

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2024 Aero program from 3D Design for the BMW M2 (G87)!

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2024 Aero program from 3D Design for the BMW M2 (G87)!

2024 Aero program from 3D Design for the BMW M2 (G87)!
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