Rendering: the Alpha CAMP Overlanding Concept!

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Alpha CAMP Overlanding Concept Rex Teartrop Camper 9

From the California electric car company Alpha Motor Corporation there is once again a virtual vehicle to admire. Namely, this time it's a concept for overlanding and camping called "Collaborative Adventure Mobility Platform (CAMP)". Well-known brands such as Rolling Stone Korea, DMOS Collective Inc., Onyx Coffee Lab, Equipt Expedition Outfitters, KC Lights, Free & Easy and Black Rhino Wheels will be there. The basic vehicle for the off-road camp is the Alpha Rex (1,72 meters high, 1,90 meters wide, 4,83 meters long, 400 V REX™ platform, all-wheel drive), which was presented as an electric off-road vehicle some time ago. The vehicle is changed however and approximately with large Gravity LED PRO6 Light headlights equipped.

Alpha CAMP Overlanding Concept

The base Rex of the Adventure series also got tubular ones Doors and DMOS Delta Pro blade Donated in Racing Red. The roof is covered with a massive Roof rack equipped, the maximum of two 42 liter large Alubox aluminum case from Equipt Expedition Outfitters. The Alpha Rex is also set to 17 inches Black Rhino Fuji Wheels with BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM3 tires. The interior of the REX™ has room for four people, as well as foldable and detachable rear seats. There are also various Storage compartments under the bonnet and under the tailgate and by itself, of course a digital one speedometer, a digital one center display, a digital one Sound system, two integrated Cup holder in the center console and more.

spectacular teardrop pendant

Alpha CAMP Overlanding Concept Rex Teartrop Camper 8

And the absolute highlight is the cool one teardrop pendant. He has one outside Grill, a folding one picnic table and Yurt with the roof tent along with matching textiles, whereby the fabric walls of the yurt can even be removed and provide plenty of light and air. In the tent there is also a California king size bed. All in all a cool idea, but it is currently a virtual design study and is therefore only available as a rendering. Like all of the company's vehicles to date... If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Alpha CAMP Overlanding Concept
Photo credit: Alpha Motor Corporation (AMC)
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