2023 Audi RS6-S Avant by ABT Sportsline with 700 hp!

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2023 Audi RS6 S Avant By ABT Sportsline 700 hp 2

Although we have already received a few photos and information from ABT Sportsline on the Audi RS6-S in November 2021, there has not yet been a video or detailed shots of an RS6-S. But that's changing now thanks AUDITOGRAPHY – Unique Audi photography. The YouTuber and photo and videography service for automobiles had the opportunity to buy an RS6-S Avant from tuner ABT in ultra blue and with 700 PS to be able to test and photograph extensively. And of course we don't want to withhold the recordings from you and are very happy to present them to you limited RS6-S to be able to show with spectacular shots in the Alps. Thank you at this point also once again to Paul von AUDITOGRAPHY for the footage! But what characterizes the "S“ in the abbreviation actually from? The additional designation "S" means pottering to the maximum up to 740 PS & 920 Newton meters in the Ingolstadt.

2023 Audi RS6-S Avant

In the case of the vehicle from the pictures/video, however, it is "only" 700 horses and 880 NM, which provide propulsion. In memory of: As standard, Audi elicits a smooth 8 hp from the four-liter V6 in the RS600. The additional performance of the tuning models comes from Controller Abt Engine Control. But if you take a closer look at the S models, you will find differences between them 125 limited RS6-R vehicles. Das Carbon body kit is not nearly as wild as the already sold out R variants. We find the optics even less fragmented and jagged and more or less fitting. But of course that's a matter of taste! You can see one on the “S”. front lip with model designation, there was Sill approaches, a two-part rear spoiler and also rear sideblades - but no new diffuser - are installed.

as well as changes in technology

2023 Audi RS6 S Avant By ABT Sportsline 700 hp 8

There is also one at the rear of the RS6-S four-pipe stainless steel exhaust system with 102 mm tailpipe covers and the noble ones rotate in the wheel housings Abt HR rims in 22 inch format. That landing gear The tuner from the Allgäu also optimizes with in-house Sport stabilizers and Coil springs. The latter ensure that there is a variable lowering of up to 25 millimeters on the front axle and up to 30 millimeters on the rear axle. And inside? A lot is happening. You can see about that Model name in the seats, there was a changed one selector lever with carbon inlay, an upgraded one Steering wheel and other small details. With regard to the costs, however, it means "hold on"! At least 42.900 euros are due for the optics and performance adjustment plus costs for assembly and TÜV approval. However, that is a good 27.000 euros cheaper than the limited RS6-R.


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2023 Audi RS6-S Avant by ABT with 700 hp!
Photo credits: AUDITOGRAPHY – Unique Audi photography
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