Luxury liner BMW 7 Series on large Deville alloy wheels!

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BMW 7 Series Corspeed Deville pic 1

The brand new one BMW 7 Series G70 and its all-electric derivative i7, which is available for the first time, have only just been unveiled and, as expected, are causing an enormous outcry and heated discussions about their polarizing appearance. Of course, this is nothing new for the Munich luxury sedan, as something similar happened more than 20 years ago when the 7 Series E65 in the unforgettable Bangle design was unveiled. Or also, albeit in a weakened form, with the facelift of the G11, which is now about to be replaced. In the meantime, hardly anyone had anything to complain about about the look of the original version of the latter series, so that it is still very popular today. The example presented here was placed on a set of high-quality rims from Cor.Speed ​​Sports Wheels as part of an individualization.

22-inch Deville alloy wheels!

BMW 7 Series Corspeed Deville pic 3

On the axles of the large sedan turn Deville light-alloy wheels in XL dimensions 9,5×22 inches on the front axle and even 10,5×22 inches on the rear axle. The rims, which are characterized by ten powerful spokes, have a classic silver brushed finish. The corresponding Michelin tires measure 255/30R22 and 295/25R22 respectively. Last but not least, the ground clearance of the 7 Series has been reduced to give it an even more dynamic appearance. Responsible here is a lowering module for the factory air suspension of the luxury liner. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

BMW 7 Series Corspeed Deville pic 2

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Luxury liner BMW 7 Series on large Deville alloy wheels
Photo credit: JMS vehicle parts
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