Thursday 21st October 2021

BMW I8 (I12) in yellow / black and red accents

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Only a few days ago we have one green BMW I8 reports who is at BMW Abu Dhabi Motors and with rather inappropriate blue accents, at least I noticed negatively. A BMW I8 is currently for sale again in Dubai. This time the car is wrapped in yellow with red accents. I still think it takes getting used to, but it definitely doesn't bite like the green-blue combination.

BMW i8 Yellow Foils 1 BMW I8 (I12) in yellow / black and red accents

(Photos: Abu Dhabi Motors - BMW)

The red accents can be found in the kidneys, the BMW logo on the car and the rims, on the rear apron and the side skirts.

A few facts about the BMW I8:

  • System performance 362 PS (three-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motor)
  • EU standard fuel consumption 2,1 liters on 100 kilometers
  • Sliding doors
  • 4,4 seconds 0 at 100 km / h
  • Maximum 250 km/h

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 BMW I8 (I12) in yellow / black and red accents

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