Discreetly! Topcar tunes the Porsche 911 Stinger

After the black and white Porsche 911he version of the tuner TopCar, the tuning company has now presented a new project. This time it's a Porsche 911 Stinger in the rare Agate Gray that comes from the Porsche Exclusive department. We find that this body kit is the most discreet and coherent for a 911 4S that is currently on the tuning market.

TopCar Porsche 991 Agate 1

(Photos: Topcar)

Of course, matching the body kit, the set of ADV.1 rims in black, the 911er is quite outstanding. The body kit includes new bumpers front and rear, a spoiler lip for the front bumper, new LED daytime running lights, fender flares all around, side skirts, new fender inserts, a new bonnet, an integrated diffuser and new tailpipes.

TopCar Porsche 991 Agate 2If the tailpipes are not enough, a complete sports exhaust system can also be installed. Of course, the complete program is not very cheap, for the normal 911er beats with 14.280 € beech and for the convertible version even with 18.580 €.

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