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Turbo power upgrade: Hyundai i30N facelift with up to 450 hp!

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Turbo power upgrade: Hyundai i30N facelift with up to 450 hp!

The Hyundai i30N has quickly become a tuning legend and that TurboZentrum has the perfect recipe for this: one Turbo Upgrade, which makes the i30N facelift impressive 450 PS catapulted. It's part of the Stage 2 optimization, a technical feat that before the i30N facelift was only achievable with a Stage 3+ upgrade. But what makes the upgrade so special? It depends on the size of the compressor wheel. That sounds simple at first, but it is a complex undertaking. The challenge is to... compressor (wheel) to choose one that not only fits into the compressor housing, but also harmonizes optimally with the rest of the turbocharger, especially the exhaust shaft.

Turbo upgrade for Hyundai i30N

Many people choose compressor wheels from their range, which may be large, but do not always have the optimal relationship to the exhaust side. Here the TurboZentrum relies on individually milled compressor wheels to achieve a perfect balance of performance, response and top-end power. Another highlight of the upgrade is that lower load on the turbocharger. The charger delivers the required air mass even at lower speeds, which not only increases performance, but also the durability of the turbo itself.

The next step in the process is milling the compressor housing to the required size, including optimizing the gap size. In addition, all Stage 2 upgrades are included reinforced bearings equipped to ensure the longevity of the turbo and support the increased performance. And for those who already own an i30N, there is a practical option: you can send in the used turbocharger to have it optimized. This is how an already strong Korean becomes a real powerhouse. With the 450 hp turbo upgrade For the Hyundai i30N facelift, the TurboZentrum offers an opportunity to redefine the limits of performance. Photo credit/source: Turbo Center Berlin

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Turbo power upgrade: Hyundai i30N facelift with up to 450 hp!

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Turbo power upgrade: Hyundai i30N facelift with up to 450 hp!
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