KEYVANY HP850 based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo & Spider!

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KEYVANY HP850 Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider 40

With the new Performance increase HP850 KEYVANY GmbH presents another highlight in its product portfolio for the Ferrari F8 Tribute and Spider. powerful 850 PS (625 kW) and an unleashed torque of 922 Nm at 3.300 rpm turn the Italian two-seater into a veritable super sports car. High-quality processed Carbon body components, forged Alloy wheels and a interior program, which leaves nothing to be desired, complete the exclusive Ferrari customization options from the Hessian specialist manufacturer.

Performance increase HP850

The Ferrari F8 presents itself with even more acceleration, even more agility and even faster with the latest Performance increase HP850. The heart of this power upgrade is the valve-controlled one High-performance exhaust system with its periphery that optimizes the air flow. down pipes, 200-cell catalytic converters and Reprogramming the series ECU unleash the ample power reserves of the 3,9-liter eight-cylinder and enable an increase in performance to 850hp / 625kW at 7.800 rpm. As already mentioned, the torque increases to an unbridled 922 Nm at 3.300 rpm. And also the sprint from zero to country road speed in 2,8 seconds (Series: 2,9S) and the maximum top speed also benefit 351 km/h (Series: 340 km/h) from the measure. This puts the KEYVANY HP850 in the power league of ten and twelve-cylinder super sports cars.

Core competence: perfectly processed visible carbon.

Production at the highest technical level in connection with the finest materials, that is the quality requirement of KEYVANY Managing Director Babak Shahvari. That is why the ultra-light and high-strength carbon fiber is also the first and only choice in the production of its ultra-light and high-strength Body components, from bonnet insert leads over side skirts, Mirror housing, rear diffuser, rear spoiler as well as all Add On Parts for the front and front of the Ferrari, the Viernheim-based company produces all parts exclusively from the high-tech material with the distinctive fabric structure. And the result is impressive: KEYVANY styled the F8 into a classy two-seater with increased contact pressure on the front and rear axles and optimized ventilation of the drive unit.

The monoblock rim K6 for sporty use.

Already during the development of the new Alloy wheel designers and technicians worked hand in hand: the dynamic shape of the five filigree double spokes results in optimized brake ventilation. It also causes an even load distribution and thus guarantees maximum loads with uncompromising product quality.

Exclusive interior design without limits

KEYVANY HP850 Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider 11

KEYVANY achieves the perfect symbiosis of sporty functionality and luxurious ambience. noblest Leather and perfectly finished Carbon transform the interior of the Ferrari F8 into a VIP lounge with motorsport flair. Whether lit door sills, embroidered Foot mats or a sparkling one starry sky under the Tributo vehicle roof - no customer wish remains unfulfilled. The complete individualization with painting takes place at KEYVANY directly in the in-house specialist workshop or via one of the worldwide partner workshops. The KEYVANY HP850 refinement program is now available. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

KEYVANY HP850 for Ferrari F8 Tributo / Spider

  • Performance increase 850:
    – 625kW / 850 hp at 7.800 rpm
    - 922 Nm at 3.300 rpm
    consisting of:
    – ECU reprogramming
    - flap-controlled high-performance stainless steel exhaust system
    - 200 cell catalytic converters, downpipes
  • Body program:
    – Material: full carbon material prepreg autoclave
    – front lip
    – Front apron mask
    – Front apron insert upper part
    – Lower part of the front apron insert
    – Front hood insert add-on
    – front fender splitter attachment
    – Air intake front light
    – Air intake side
    - side skirts
    – mirror housing
    - door handles
    - rear apron insert
    - diffuser
    – Rear air intake
    – Housing LED F1 light
    – KEYVANY nameplates and logos
    - mounting material
  • K6 21/22-inch forged aluminum wheel
    - 5-twin-spoke monobloc rim, painted black, powder-coated or painted in body color, FA 21-inch, RA 22-inch
  • K1 21/22-inch forged aluminum wheel
    - Y-design monoblock rim, painted black, powder-coated or painted in body color, FA 21-inch, HA 22-inch
  • indoor:
    - Full-size airbag sports steering wheel, carbon applications for the dashboard, carbon door sill panels, carbon shift paddles, aluminum pedals, carpet interior, full leather interior, starry sky

KEYVANY HP850 Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider 35

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KEYVANY HP850 Ferrari based on F8 Tributo & Spider!
Photo credit: KEYVANY Ltd
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