Monday, May 17, 2021

KTM X-Bow GTR is already in April

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An extreme version of the "fun vehicle KTM X-BOW" will come to us in April, the KTM X-Bow GTR even donated a roof to the KTM. If the bike is too risky, you can experience the ride of a motorcycle in this car. The external impressions and the noise of the GTR come almost unfiltered to the driver.

x bow gtr 1 KTM X Bow GTR is coming in April

(Photos: KTM)

Incidentally, the source of the performance is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine whose performance is unfortunately not yet known to us at this point in time. Small downer, the KTM X-Bow GTR will not be street legal. KTM and the tuner Reiter Engineering have given the GTR a monstrous rear wing and a completely re-tuned chassis. Another downer to digest, the price: € 139.000. But you can earn your money again with the X-Bow GTR in the GT4 or Pirelli World Challenge Championship racing series.

x bow gtr 2 KTM X Bow GTR is coming in April

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 KTM X Bow GTR comes in April

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