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Listerbell STR Stratos replica: Fantastic classic with Alfa V6!

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Listerbell STR Stratos replica: Fantastic classic with Alfa V6!

The British company Listerbell has managed to bring a real dream car back to life - with theirs Stratos replica, the Listerbell STR. Who can resist when you look at such a masterpiece? But what makes the Listerbell STR so special? On the one hand, it is available from Listerbell for a price of around EUR 80.000 - a sum that is within reach for many. On the other hand, there is either work going on under the hood of the STR 3,5 liter V6 from Toyota, which is full 310 PS brings, or, as in this case, a V6 from Alfa Romeo with similar performance. Because the vehicle in the pictures had one for unknown reasons engine Swap about 2.000 km ago. He transfers his power through means Five-speed gearbox on the wide rear wheels. The Toyota engine can also be found in models such as the Exige and Evora.

Listerbell STR Stratos replica

With a Empty weight of only around 1.000 kilograms The STR offers performance that even makes a Porsche look old. But the STR doesn't just impress with its performance. It deliberately avoids electronic assistance systems such as ABS or ESP, as well as power steering or a sound system. This not only contributes to weight loss and for good power to weight ratio but also ensures that the driving experience feels pure and genuine - just like you Racing athletes of the 70s. The replica also impresses with its high-quality workmanship. The Spaceframe guarantees a high level of passive safety, while the body, rims and interior are confusingly similar to the original. When it comes to looks, the Listerbell STR turns heads.

powerful stainless steel exhaust system at the rear

Listerbell STR Stratos replica: Fantastic classic with Alfa V6!

The snow white one Painting, combined with gold bronze 15 inches Five star rims, black Spoilers and a martial one Stainless steel exhaust system at the rear, makes it a real eye-catcher. In the Interior The drivers can also expect an authentic rally experience. A fully packed one Instrument panel (Fiat 124 speedometer etc.), an open one shift gate, one covered in suede Steering wheel, Door shelves for helmets and perforated ones pedals complete the picture. And the best: Since it was assembled in Michigan, the Listerbell STR is street legal in the USA and there could soon be approval for Germany too. The copy of the pictures is currently available Alfa Romeo Busso V6 and almost 117.643 miles (approx. 189.328 km) mileage for sale - a rare opportunity for enthusiasts. So if you've always dreamed of owning a Stratos, you should get it now!

  • Model: Listerbell STR, Stratos replica
  • Manufacturers: Listerbell, British company
  • approval: CCK-Kempten (working on German approval)
  • Motor: 3,5 liter V6 from Toyota or Alfa Romeo
  • Performance: Approx. 310 PS
  • Transmission: five-speed gearbox
  • Empty weight: Approx. 1000 kg
  • Electronics: No ABS, ESP, power steering or sound system
  • frame: Tubular space frame for high passive safety
  • Body: Detailed replica, very close to the original
  • Painting: Red, White etc.
  • Rims: Gold bronze five-star rims
  • Spoiler set: Black front, roof and rear spoilers
  • Exhaust: Martial stainless steel design at the rear
  • inner space: Bucket seats, full instrument panel, chrome-plated shift gate, suede steering wheel, door shelves for helmets, perforated pedals
  • Mounting location: Michigan, USA (road legal)
  • Additional technology: Gaz adjustable dampers (coilover suspension), space frame chassis with integrated roll cage
  • Modern accessories: Garmin navigation system, wireless rear view camera
  • interior details: Alcantara seats, Nardi shifters, four-point belts, Wilwood pedals

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Listerbell STR Stratos replica: Fantastic classic with Alfa V6!

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Listerbell STR Stratos replica: Fantastic classic with Alfa V6!
Lister Bell STR Stratos replica: Restomod classic with Alfa V6!
Photo credit/source: Cars and Bids - the tuning magazine

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