Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motor Company is a British automobile manufacturer based in Malvern and was already founded 1909. Thus, the car manufacturer is one of the oldest, still existing in the world. The company produces various models for residential customers, including mainly sports cars. Since its founding eleven models have been produced, each with a few variants and custom-made products. Morgan Motor has built 2014 vehicles to 75.000 and, due to the long history of the company, its own factory museum with approximately 23.000 visitors annually. What began with the model "Threewheeler" evolved to the current model, the Morgan Plus Six. In contrast to other car manufacturers, the company has installed the body of the old seventies and sixties even in the current model Plus Six, presents 2019, more like a relic of past decades - which of course is not to be interpreted negatively at this point. Tuning workshops are very enthusiastic, and that's why models at car shows and tuning fairs keep creating it. The tuning of the vehicle mainly improves the performance, the old design is fresh from the production always an eye-catcher.