Official: Project Panther & Pony from tuner ARES Performance

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Project Panther Pony Tuning ARES Performance 2018 5 Official: Project Panther & Pony from tuner ARES Performance

Now he is official! The Team of Ares performance (Ares Design) from Modena has the im Announced in December New edition of De Tomaso Pantera as ARES Design 'Project Panther' (Ares Design Panther ProgettoUno) presented to the world public and the new athlete could well be a great success. The entire vehicle is based on a current Lamborghini Huracán which, however, was visually completely adapted to the De Tomaso Panther of the 5,2s. The vehicle comes with classic folding headlights and, as mentioned in our last post, it will also get the 10-liter VXNUMX engine from the Italian.

⚠ Pictures of an Ares Panther from 2019 ➡ klick

Project Panther Pony Tuning ARES Performance 2018 6 Official: Project Panther & Pony from tuner ARES Performance

We assume that the standard 610 PS & 560 NM torque will be pushed up a little bit so that the 'Project Panther' will bring it to about 640-660 PS. Compared to the Huracán, the Panther should lose a good 100 kg, which in connection with the increased performance means that it will probably drive away from the Lambo without any problems. With a price of at least € 615.000 and delivery in the first half of 2019, as expected, only a small elite of the super-rich will be able to enjoy the athlete.

Project Pony based on Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

What is new, however, is the information on a planned “Project Pony” whose basis is supposed to be the acidic Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and which will get the look of the Ferrari 412i from 1980. Here, too, there is not really any specific information available, but we already know that the entire body should be made of carbon and that the vehicle with a good $ 875.000 is not really a bargain. In return, however, the gorgeous 6,3-liter V12 engine of the GTC4 Lusso with at least 680 hp and all-wheel drive is on board. If we get more details about the changes, there will of course be an update for this story. You will be informed about the update when you get ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Ares performance)

Details about the Ares Panther:

  • built alls homage to the legendary De Tomaso Pantera of the 1970er years
  • Part of the "Legends Reborn" series (also includes the Ferrari 250 GTO)
  • Platform (Lamborghini Huracan)
  • Carbon fiber body parts
  • 20-inch and 21-inch forged wheels
  • LED taillights
  • Folding headlamp with LED technology
  • Lamborghini 5,2-liter V10 engine with 640-660 PS and 560 NM (high-speed engine, newly tuned engine control, new exhaust system)
  • Maximum 325 km/h
  • Haldex all-wheel drive
  • Dual-clutch transmission
  • Brembo brake system with six-piston ceramic brakes
  • Curb weight 1.423 kilograms
  • Interior completely adapted to customer requirements
  • Price approx. 615.000 Euro (construction time approx. Three months)

Live @AresDesign | Ecco la Project Panther

[ANTEPRIMA] Così rinasce la De Tomaso Pantera. Ecco la #ProjectPanther di #Aresdesign vista dal vivo a Modena

Posted by Italia on Tuesday, 30. January 2018

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11880519 380584468817662 2872776724290447700 n 310x165 Official: Project Panther & Pony from tuner ARES Performance

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600 PS Ares Panther Lamborghini Huracan Tuning 10 Official: Project Panther & Pony from tuner ARES Performance

News from 15.03.2019

Most recently there are new pictures of the breathtaking Ares Panther which is a replica of the legendary De Tomaso Pantera. Countless carbon fiber body panels, a 12 cm longer wheelbase and forged 20-inch and 21-inch rims and cool LED taillights accompany the classic look. But the highlight in every case are the folding headlamps with LED technology. But see for yourself ...

Maybe there will soon be an update with information and pictures. If this is the case we will of course also put it online and inform you about it.

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