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SPOFEC program for the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Cullinan!

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Spofec Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan SUV 1 SPOFEC program for the Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan!

Photos by Spofec GmbH

How do you make the most exclusive SUV in the world ex works even more exciting and individual and also give it an extra dose of dynamism? The Rolls-Royce Black Badge Cullinan is entrusted to the specialists at SPOFEC, who have specialized in refining the luxury automobiles of the British premium brand! With the exciting OVERDOSE wide version and the high-tech forged wheels with a diameter of 24 inches, developed together with US manufacturer Vossen, SPOFEC gives the all-wheel drive an even more exciting look. The chassis module lowers the car by approx. 40 millimeters. The twelve-cylinder engine with two turbochargers has also received a dynamic upgrade from SPOFEC: With the increase in output to 520 kW / 707 PS, the tuned SUV only needs 4,6 seconds to accelerate from 0 - 100 km / h. The SPOFEC sports exhaust systems produce a powerful engine sound, if desired also at the push of a button, which opens the exhaust flaps.

Rolls-Royce Black Badge Cullinan!

The SPOFEC OVERDOSE wide version offers space for huge 24 inch forged wheels, the individual components of which are made from Pur-R-Rim in OEM quality. The OVERDOSE extensions make the Cullinan ten centimeters wider at the front and twelve centimeters wider at the rear. This results in a width of an impressive 2,12 meters. To match this, special side skirts were modeled, which perfectly connect the curved fender attachments on both axles.

Spofec Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan SUV 2 SPOFEC program for the Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan!

The wheels, which are tailor-made for the wider track, were developed together with Vossen. The American company uses the most modern forging and machining technology to manufacture high-end rims of the highest quality. Especially for the OVERDOSE body conversion for the black Black Badge shown here, ten inch wide, black painted specimens in the SPOFEC SP2 design were constructed and produced. Their nine pairs of double spokes make these forged wheels particularly robust. In order to achieve a particularly elegant look, the wheel bolts disappear under a central cover. High-performance road tires in size 295/30 R 24 were chosen as the ideal tires.

SPOFEC front apron replaces the standard bumper

The SPOFEC front apron was designed in such a way that it completely replaces the standard bumper and connects perfectly to the front fender flares. Its distinctive shape not only gives the Cullinan an even more distinctive face: at high speeds, the front spoiler also reduces lift on the front axle. The rear end is given a decidedly sporty profile not only through the spoiler lip, which extends across the tailgate above the brand emblem. In addition, the series bumper is optically upgraded with the SPOFEC diffuser in racing look. Harmonious transitions from the apron to the rear extensions are achieved with precisely fitting attachment parts.

Spofec Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan SUV 4 SPOFEC program for the Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan!

The special control module for the air suspension makes a further contribution to the dynamic SPOFEC styling. The lowering by approx. 40 millimeters not only influences the look of the SUV: the handling is also defined more sportily by the lower center of gravity. SPOFEC also gives the Black Badge Cullinan more temperament through professional engine tuning: An N-TRONIC additional control unit in plug-and-play technology is adapted to the electronic engine management for the 6,7 liter V12 biturbo. New maps for injection and ignition were programmed in an extensive series of tests. At the same time, the maximum boost pressure is also moderately increased. The result is a powerful increase in performance of 78 kW / 107 PS.

707 hp and 1.060 Nm maximum torque

Spofec Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan SUV 6 SPOFEC program for the Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan!

With 520 kW / 707 PS at just 5.400 rpm and a torque increased to 1.060 Nm on just 1 tours, the refined SUV is even more dynamic: Despite an empty weight of over 800 tonnes plus crew, the Black Badge Cullinan, tuned by SPOFEC, catapults itself into Only 2,7 seconds from standstill to 4,6 km / h. Because of the high weight, the top speed remains electronically limited to 100 km / h, as with the production car. Those who want a more exciting sound in addition to the sporty performance can choose a SPOFEC sports exhaust system made of stainless steel. A variant with exhaust flap control is also available on request. Their electronic sound management offers thoroughbred Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Feeling, after all, the engine can, as is typical of the brand, sound either discreetly or sportily powerful like a sports car.

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