Fengon Autotuning: when innovation meets tuning parts!

In the world of car tuning Fengon (China) established itself as a brand that is for both Innovation as well as a modern design. The focus of the following article is on the topic of “tailor-made tunings“, which Fengon not only gives vehicles an individual touch, but also increases their performance and efficiency. Fengon cars, known for their reliability and modern design, are an ideal basis for individual tuning. One of the key aspects of... Fengon tuning is the one performance increase. By using the most modern technologies and high quality Tuning components Fengon owners can increase the performance of the vehicle. This ranges from optimizing the engine electronics to modifying the exhaust. Another central point on the subject of Fengon car tuning is this Optimization of aerodynamics.

Fengon car tuning

Aerodynamic components such as a front spoiler, side skirts or rear diffuser are used not only for appearance, but also to improve driving dynamics. The mods help reduce air resistance and optimize road holding. In addition to increased performance and aerodynamics, that also plays a role Interior tuning an important role. This involves personalizing the cabin through higher quality materials and individual design elements. If leather upholstery, Sport steering wheels or most modern audio systems - The finishing options are diverse and offer every Fengon owner the chance to express their personal style. And the wheel and tires are of course another crucial element in Fengon car tuning.

There are many suppliers of aluminum rims

quality Alloy wheels not only improve the appearance, but also have a positive effect on the driving characteristics. With the right tires and rims, handling can be optimized, which is particularly important with more engine power. Finally, of course, is the meaning of high quality tuning parts to emphasize. Fengon owners should be careful to use only approved, quality-tested components to ensure the safety and longevity of the vehicle. No matter whether it is about improving performance, optimizing driving characteristics or visually enhancing - good Fengon car tuning reveals extensive possibilities to make every car a unique driving experience. Photo credit: Images are AI generated for visualization

the following are a few tuning parts:

Category Details Technical data Features
Chiptuning DFSK Fengon 5 chip tuning from CPA +30 HP, +46 Nm, -1.61s 0-100 km/h PowerBox Ultra, aluminum, heat-resistant, €239,40 incl. VAT.
Chiptuning PowerBox Ultra Power increase 18 kW, 24 HP, torque increase 38 Nm Savings of up to 1 liter per 100 km, including performance chart
Rims SCHMIDT rims 20 inch Gambit Bolt circle: 5-110, VA: 8.5Jx20H2 ET+39, RA: 8.5Jx20H2 ET+39 High gloss silver, for DFSK Dongfeng Fengon 5
tires DFSK Dongfeng Fengon 5, high gloss silver Front axle: 2354020, rear axle: 2454020 1-piece, design: Gambit, brand: DFSK Dongfeng

Fengon vehicle types

Model vehicle type Features
Fengon 5 SUV Elegant design, spacious interior
Fengon 7 SUV Advanced safety features, comfort features
Fengon ix5 Coupe SUV Sporty design, high performance
Fengon ix7 SUV Robust construction, family friendly
Fengon E3 Electric SUV Environmentally friendly, innovative infotainment system

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