VW Jetta (Mk.3) with VR6 swap & supercharging!

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VW Jetta Mk.3 VR6 Swap Supercharger Airride Tuning Restomod 1

A VW Jetta/Vento (Mk. 3) is one of the most underrated VW models of all time. Often decried as the ultimate bourgeois car, only a few people in the VAG scene have recognized the true tuning potential. The dubious image weighs heavily on the vehicle to this day. But there are also VW tuning fans who have taken the vehicle to their hearts and modify it according to every trick in the book. One of these guys is Mike Myers (not Michael Myers from Halloween) from the US state of Alabama, who his VW Jetta Mk.3 with various Tuning measures and a Engine swap refined.

Dark green eye-catcher from the USA

Usually, dark green sedans are more likely to be found in the garages of retirees. However, this Jetta, which was sold in Europe as the VW Vento, does not belong to the scrap heap. the Painting in Sequoia Green Metallic as well as the modified ones headlights, which contain xenon light, turn the car into an optical eye-catcher. That also contributes to this Airride chassis by Air Lift, which can be individually adjusted from the cockpit. 16-inch Alus from CCW also ensure that certain retro style that suits the car well. The rims with an extreme drop center and BBS look are made to a certain extent to refine VAG vehicles. Were on the bikes Tires in the 195/40 R17 format, which ensure optimum road holding. Other modifications are a Vento grill, OEM Hella GLX taillights as well as tinted headlights.

The interior is reminiscent of a lounge!

VW Jetta Mk.3 VR6 Swap Supercharger Airride Tuning Restomod 10

Im Cockpit was put to good use, because it was completely reworked by Love's Trim. It is not only noticeable that the complete inner space comes in a saddle brown look, but also things like that Nardi three-spoke sports steering wheel with a wooden wreath immediately catches the eye. Also became a Nardi shift knob installed, which fits perfectly into the cockpit landscape. Next got the interior yet additional instruments, which display oil temperature and oil pressure. Last but not least was another OEM audio system from VW with Speakers by Polk and AUX port integrated.

2,8 liter VR6 petrol engine with supercharger kit!

VW Jetta Mk.3 VR6 Swap Supercharger Airride Tuning Restomod 8

Usually equipped with 174 hp, the VR6 petrol engine from the VW shelf thanks supercharged now tight 280 PS on the bike. Furthermore, the engine was innumerable modifications made to ensure that the stability and the promised performance are permanently guaranteed. The VR6 petrol engine comes from a '95 Passat and was modified for the Jetta. However, we have no information about the driving performance, but we assume that you can get from A to B faster with the vehicle if you put your mind to it.

Our conclusion on the VW Jetta Mk.3:

A really successful Jetta that proves that the model does not necessarily have to be found in the garage of a pensioner with a hat. From us there is for Mike Myers and his crew kudos. If we get more information about the changes to the VW Jetta (Mk.3), there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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VW Jetta (Mk.3) Restomod with VR6 swap & supercharging!
Photo credit: fastcar.co.uk

VW Jetta Mk.3 VR6 Swap Supercharger Airride Tuning Restomod 1

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