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Camping in Corona Summer - An overview of the current situation

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MINI Camper Flotte Tuning Camping 24 Camping in Corona Summer An overview of the current situation

The corona pandemic still holds the world tightly in its hands. But slowly a light seems to be visible at the end of the tunnel. Admittedly, the virus is far from gone, but currently it looks pretty good for the coming summer. Weeks ago there was constant talk of increasing numbers of infections, these are currently falling sharply. Suitable for the start of summer, it seems. Because the falling numbers are finally moving in many regions Tourism back into focus. And at the start of the warm season, the campsites are opening their gates again. And not just in Germany. Other European countries are also gradually opening their campsites and hotels. In other European countries, however, the existing Entry restrictions and quarantine rules get noticed.

When to book a camping holiday?

The past Corona summer showed it, as soon as vacation and camping are possible, all places are in a short time booked up. Those who were looking for a place to stay spontaneously usually came away empty-handed. And we estimate it to be similar this year too. That's why you should before the start book a pitch for your camping holiday (for example on camping.info) to prevent chaos and disappointment in the seats. Because if you arrive spontaneously at a campsite without a reservation or booking, you will probably no longer get a parking space and will end up empty.

Camping corona book holiday camping in Corona summer An overview of the current situation

By the way, similar to the camping.info portal (Link see above) can also be found here in Germany via the Portal Pincamp Receive information on German campsites. Because in this portal, with more than 1500 places, almost half of all systems in Germany can be viewed directly. Bookings can of course also be made ad hoc. As a rule, particularly high-quality campsites can be viewed via Pincamp. And for those who do not want to stay in Germany, there are more than 10 systems listed across Europe.

If you have found a campsite for your vacation, you should Before you travel be inquired about the current corona situation on site. Especially with a longer journey to the campsite should be possible Exit restrictions to be respected at night. Because for campers this usually means It is forbidden to spend the night on the side of the road! Normally, an overnight stay in public places is in the vehicle no problem, as it is used to restore fitness to drive. But this is limited to a maximum 10h.

motorhome parking lot parking strafe camping 1 Camping in Corona summer An overview of the current situation

However, due to the current Corona rules, there is also a risk of a fine for campers on the roadside or in parking lots in the event of a curfew. Therefore, it is particularly important to check the travel route and the time well in advance. So Travel during the day and if possible without an overnight stay. The trip shouldn't fall into a possible night curfew.

What is currently valid in which federal state?

The Corona rules are mostly one, confusing… Because what is the case in which federal state? Here is an overview of what is currently applicable where on the subject of tourism.

  • Baden-Württemberg: Unless the 7-day incidence under the mark of 100, tourism and gastronomy will be possible from May 15, 2021. However, guests and travelers must be fully vaccinated or have a negative corona test. Test options are also possible on site.
  • Bavaria: Here are welcome from May 21st in counties with an incidence below 100 tourists. This applies to campsites, hotels and holiday apartments. However, opening up tourism is only possible with strict hygiene concepts.
  • Brandenburg: Brandenburg has also been opening its campsites since the weekend of Pentecost (May 22.05.2012nd, 100) when the incidence is below XNUMX. The only condition: visitors must self-sufficient be. So sanitary facilities are to be used in the camper. In addition, a negative corona test beforehand.
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: From June 7, 2021, local tourist overnight stays are possible here. One week later, from June 14, 2021, it will also be open to everyone. Bookings are, however from now on its possible!
  • Lower Saxony: In Lower Saxony there has been a relaxation in tourism since May 10, 2021. On campsites, guests must show a negative test in advance. A test must then be taken on site every day. However, this offer is only valid for people from Lower Saxony itself. Whether and when guests from other federal states are allowed to arrive is currently being checked.
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: Accommodation in mobile homes and caravans with their own sanitary facilities has been in effect here since May 12, 2021 allowed. Renting out holiday apartments is also allowed. The only requirement: incidence value stable below 100.
  • Saxony-Anhalt: Tourist stays are possible from an incidence below 100. A more precise statement as to whether this also applies to campsites is currently missing.
    Saxony: Incidence five days under 100 means camping sites and holiday homes on. Incidence below 50 means that hotels and guest houses are also allowed to open.
    Thuringia: If the incidence is below 100, holiday flats and campsites are allowed to receive guests again. This is effective immediately.
    There are currently no concrete opening plans for the remaining federal states.

Even beyond the borders, things are not looking so bad for campers at the moment. However, still allowed can not be all over Tourists enter from abroad. Tourism for foreigners is currently possible in: Albania, Belgium, France, Greece (since May 14th), Italy, the Netherlands, Austria (since May 19th), Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Restricted entry is possible in: Denmark (vaccinated), Croatia (negative PCR test), Sweden (negative test), Slovenia (negative test) and Spain (negative test). No entry currently possible in Norway and Portugal (valid until May 15th). However, the later one is more important than the journey return home. Here applies, a vacation region becomes Risk area, quarantine may apply again when entering Germany.

Airstream Bambi Trailer Model 2021 Camping Motorhome 13 Camping in Corona Summer An overview of the current situation

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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