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2022 regional vehicle insurance classes: where can you save?

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The contributions to the motor vehicle insurance are based on various factors - including the respective one Regional class. A corresponding redefinition takes place once a year. In the following there is a small overview of the most important changes from us Liability, partial and fully comprehensive insurance. 4,2 million motor vehicle liability insured persons benefit from one cheaper Class, while the insurance for around 5 million drivers expensive will. The largest cities in Germany are at a consistently high level.

Liability, partial, fully comprehensive insurance

Call insurance Accident 2022 Regional classes of motor vehicle insurance: Where can you save?

Once a year, the regional classes for around 400 registration districts are recalculated - he is responsible General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). A distinction is made between liability, partial and fully comprehensive insurance. The regional classes also determine how high the insurance premium is in the following year will fail: the lower the class, the cheaper the premium. However, other factors are included in the premium calculation - this is the reason why the motor vehicle insurance may still occasionally despite the cheaper class expensive can be. For the year 2022, the new classes mean that almost 32,8 million people have motor vehicle liability insurance nothing will change.

The average determines the price!

The basis for calculating the regional classes is represented by the damage balances of the respective registration districts Index value determines which consequently determines the respective regional class. The index refers to the National average 100. The value lies under 100, is the damage balance of the respective region besser than the average - he is higher, the damage balance is also worse.

Car theft alarm system insurance 2022 Regional classes of motor vehicle insurance: Where can you save?

For the calculation of the motor vehicle liability insurance, the Insurance benefits to harmed third parties at. Usually these are the accident victims. In the case of fully comprehensive insurance, the accidents you are responsible for form the corresponding basis. The following are considered partially comprehensive damage:

  1. Car thefts
  2. Glass damage
  3. Vehicle fires
  4. Wildlife accidents
  5. Damage due to natural events

The regional classes of the respective approval district can be found on the GDV website.

2022 Regional classes of motor vehicle insurance 2022 Regional classes of motor vehicle insurance: Where can you save?

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Car insurance Saving costs 2022 Regional classes of car insurance: Where can you save?

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