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Any EU citizen with a driver's license is entitled to drive a car - provided they have a valid one Car insurance, A Liability insurance protects both the driver and potential victims in the event of an accident. It is crucial the right To find insurance, since the requirements are individually very different and therefore a closer look is recommended. That is why we are offering you an overview of which insurance offers the right protection for you and how you can not only use the maximum advantage for yourself when changing or taking out a contract, but also save costs.


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In the event of an accident, the insurance company aims to notify the driver claims for damages and expensive repairs protection. This means that in the event of an accident, your motor vehicle liability insurance covers the damage to other road users. This does not only refer to damage to the vehicle, but also closes damages and financial losses with a. However, it is crucial that there can be large price differences depending on the insurance provider. If you are currently insured with a high-priced provider, it should definitely be worth taking a look at one of the large comparison platforms. Various price-performance winners are often specially marked there and classified according to their award-winning service quality and protection in the event of damage.


Car insurance termination deadline money 1 E1637563494884Have you decided to change insurance? Then it is important to wait for the right moment. As a general rule can a contract at the end of the year, December 31st. It should be noted that usually one one-month notice period must be complied with, so that termination is usually already until November 30th must have been received by your old insurance company. Your current insurance company will also inform you at this point in time about the possibly higher costs for the following year, since these must be paid primarily by January 1st. However, you can save yourself these costs if you act in good time and your insurance terminate in due time. For a smooth change, we have a few tips here so that you can be included in your new car insurance without stress and at low cost.

  1. Before you cancel, compare current offers from other providers using the usual comparison portals. This can result in major savings, especially for novice drivers, since the maximum rate is usually charged for them. A detailed comparison of the options can save money here in particular.
  2. Note your contractual notice period. This is usually one month, but can vary. A look at the contract documents brings certainty.
  3. Choose the 1. January as the start date of your new insurance. This ensures that your insurance coverage is maintained at all times, as driving a vehicle is not permitted without appropriate insurance coverage.


Which insurance is the cheapest for you depends largely on you and the vehicle to be insured. Depending on the vehicle, different insurance models are suitable.

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  1. The Liability insurance assumes the costs of the injured party, but offers no protection against damage to your own vehicle through your own fault or storm and hail. However, it is also the cheapest option. If you drive a used car with many kilometers and already existing damage, this variant can make sense for you.
  2. If you drive a new car or an expensive car, you should consider getting one Partial or fully comprehensive insurance to secure. These are none Compulsory insurance, but offer the advantage that damage to your vehicle is also covered. Such an insurance policy can also be a sensible option for rarities and collector's items, as the insurance company will cover such high costs for repairs after damage has occurred.
  3. Do you rarely get behind the wheel and only drive a little? In this case, they have the option of taking out insurance with some providers Number per kilometer basis to complete. This type of insurance can be particularly useful for owners of vintage cars, since they usually only cover a small number of kilometers per year.

Regardless of whether you drive your new car, used car, vintage car or your dream car - with the right insurance model you not only protect yourself against unwanted costs, but can also save. It is therefore worthwhile to put your current insurance to the test and, if necessary, to switch to a more suitable insurance model.

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