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Trouble inevitable? The return of the leasing car!

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Accident, scratches, appraisals, cost estimates Are you in trouble? The return of the leasing car!

So that it too no We have a few tips to help you with expensive additional claims when you return the lease. Because there are still unwanted surprises when the Leasing- or Subscription car contract has expired. In addition to financing, car manufacturers offer entrepreneurs as well as private individuals and so-called SOLO self-employed excellent offers for a vehicle reduce your recruitment costs to lease for a specified period of time. With a monthly leasing rate depending on the type and equipment of 69 Euros on upwards. Investing in a new dream car, possibly with the desired equipment, is relatively cheap and tempting.

Leasing = long term rental

Unfortunately, many lose sight of the fact that the leasing principle is practically just one monthly rental amount acts. The car goes can not be As in the case of financing at the end of the selected term, the property of the lessee automatically becomes the property of the lessee, but must be passed on to the seller returned become. But when they are returned, the vehicles are put through their paces Damage checked. Subsequently, there are often poor ratings for the slightest damage. In the case of a company car, this means for the user of the car that the costs incurred be transferred privately.

Motor vehicle expert appraisals Scratches Trouble inevitable? The return of the leasing car!

Now you are confronted with the question: Are already small scratches or a something worn upholstery of the seats as well as small dents a reason for a bad rating or do they still belong to the usual signs of wear? An important point that is precisely discussed and regulated in the provisions of the leasing contracts.

Residual value leasing or kilometer leasing?

When you return the vehicles, the Residual value leasing to their remaining value by a neutral reviewer judged. There are only deductions for actual damage, these must from the lessee be taken over. In contrast to the Mileage leasing will only the existing one damage assessed by the appraiser and possibly billed. This is mainly about who. the lessee has handled the car. Is a defective use verifiably, there are often major disputes between the contracting parties.

Ashtray full of car e1619698844416 Trouble inevitable? The return of the leasing car!Further questions: It was allowed to smoke in the interior and then who pays for one ozone cleaning in case of dispute? Unfortunately, there are more and more unjustified claims such as Dents, stone chips and scratches charged to the lessee even though there is a clear regulation according to § 538 BGB by the legislator, which clearly defines this damage as "contractual wear and tear“Classify.

Differences in residual value and kilometer leasing

Already to Start of contract becomes the value of the car in the case of residual value leasing fixedthat the vehicle should still have at the end. Since meanwhile, for example, the residual price values ​​for diesel vehicles are high declined there is a risk of having to pay extra in the end. In contrast, if the residual value increases, the lessee ultimately receives up to 75% of the current added value refunded. In the kilometer leasing contract, a fixed agreement is made for a freely selectable mileage that may be incurred during the term. If this is exceeded, a Recalculation, if this is not reached, however money back.

At the end of the term, the leasing vehicle is checked very carefully!

Is there any protection against excessively high recalculations? What is the best way to protect yourself? In the first place, certainly, by adding the car caring and caring treated. After all, it's a rented Vehicle and no property, A Complete cleaning from Inside and Outside, as well as one Refreshing the paint or Smart repair treatment is not a luxury before returning it, but ultimately pays off.

Test report parts certificate individual acceptance tuning e1593775644855 Trouble inevitable? The return of the leasing car!

info: It is ideal even draw up a record of the existing deficiencies Because the lessor uses a damage catalog for his assessment, in which numerous defects are already listed. The lessee can also apply for a return before the return Create reports yourself leave, ideally the same testing organizationto avoid complications.

Fatal insurance gaps

Although leasing vehicles from the leasing company with a Fully comprehensive need to be insured, there is often financial loss for the lessee in the event of a total loss, theft or fire.

Cause: In the event of damage, the insurance only covers that Replacement value at the time of the accident and not the remaining claim from the contract. This often leads to high differences for the lessee must take over.

Notice: With a so-called "CAP coverage“The gaps between the replacement value and the outstanding leasing rates can be closed.

Quick remedy with Smart Repair

So that minor blemishes such as scratches on the paintwork, upholstery damage or small dents do not have to be paid for in the valuation, it pays off before returning the leased vehicle Smart repair to have carried out. For a low price of 80-100 Euro Compared to any recalculation, quick and professional remedial action is provided.

Remove dents Beulendoctor Smart Repair Spot Repair 1 e1612958721677 Trouble inevitable? The return of the leasing car!

At the end... There is no 100% protection to compensate for losses in value due to accidents, too many kilometers driven or desolate vehicle conditions at the end of leasing contracts. Experience has shown that it is often helpful and simple a new vehicle to order from the lessor. Often the alleged "defects“Then as if by magic.

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