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Tip: save on car & motorcycle insurance!

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Did you know a motorcycle does not have to be insured separatelyif you have already insured a car? Or that a large number of accident-free years on a motorcycle lead to one saving can lead, when you switch to a car and vice versa? These are useful tips so that you can save significant amounts of money on insurance. We from tuningblog present some of these tips in the following article so that you too can save in the future.

Register your motorcycle as a second vehicle

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For example, if you drive a car but now you decide to also ride a motorcycleso it doesn't mean you are using No claims class 0 get in and have to pay high sums as a result. For most insurance companies, the second car regulation is actually one Second vehicle regulation dar - the motorcycle is therefore covered by this regulation and can easily be classified as a Second vehicle are also insured and that with the almost the same no-claims classthat you also own in the car. Some insurance companies even offer that same no-claims class for car and motorcycle. A lot of money can be saved this way.

Accident-free years can make a big difference when switching

No claims class Accident-free tuning blog Tip: Save on car & motorcycle insurance!

If you have been on the road for a while, but will no longer do so in the future and instead click on a Want to change car, you save on the insurance of the car, because here often with the same no-claims class is started. Incidentally, this is also possible if you want to switch from a car to a motorcycle. However, there are two aspects to be considered in this matter. With cars and motorcycles, they are Namely, discount systems are not identical. This is the reason why not the transfer the accident-free years, but those of the corresponding percentages. In addition, there is often one, especially with motorcycles border in relation to the no-claims class, which cannot be exceeded. So if, for example, you have been driving accident-free for 35 years, you still only get that No claims class 25. Switching to the origin should also be possible.

Multiple motorcycle insurance!

Motorcycles Insurance Tip: Save on car & motorcycle insurance!

If you have several motorcycles, for example because you prefer corresponding motorcycles for different areas of use, this is the one for you Second vehicle regulation benefit. So you can reserve an insurance contract specifically for the motorcycles and the first motorcycle as a First - the second as a second vehicle assure. This is also useful for novice drivers who are familiar with the Parents no-claims class can benefit, or even with partnerships that share a passion for motorcycling.
And the policyholder does not have to be the driver at the same time - drivers can be several people. However, it should be noted here that every person who drives the vehicle in question is notified to the insurance company.

Season license plates for motorcycles

If you want to save some additional money, the so-called 180 day rule to be interesting. One such Seasonal license plates is mainly used by motorcyclists, as many do not drive in the period outside of April and October anyway because the weather does not cooperate. That way the price goes down for insurance per year. But it is important that the motorcycle is for at least 180 days a year in a row is allowed. For many insurance companies this is a condition for advancing to a season after an accident-free season higher no-claims class is possible.

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