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When should the insurance company inform about a claim?

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It comes with one car accident to personal injury or higher insurance damage must be done immediately the police will be informed. It ensures that accidents are recorded quickly and professionally. In addition, it provides valuable information to the insurance company and the court, should it arise litigation comes. The insurance must immediately be informed of a traffic accident. In the event of accidental damage, a specific Deadline be respected. Do all those involved have to inform the liability insurance company in the event of a traffic accident? What deadline must be observed in order to be able to claim a smooth claim settlement? We have the answers!

inform your own insurance company

Usually it is always advisable to have a car or motorcycle accident own liability insurance Report to. This applies to accidents that you are responsible for, but also to traffic accidents caused by you other road users caused. The type of accident is irrelevant. Even about one collision the insurance company should be informed immediately.

Call insurance Accident insurance and when to inform you about a damage?

A report is always useful, as the other party involved in the accident could make a claim. It can happen that an expert in his accident analysis comes to the conclusion that part of the blame is yours. If you have not informed your car insurance company about an accident or have it too late, it can happen that they settle the claim cannot takes over to the full extent.

Report an accident within a period of time

Report an accident claim to the insurance company: What deadline must be observed? In the general terms and conditions for motor vehicle insurance, the Association of the German Insurance Industry eV proposes that in the event of an accident, vehicle owners should One week time limit should comply to inform the insurance company about the accident. What does the law say when an accident must be reported to the insurance company? The Insurance Contract Act provides training § 104 the legal basis, whereby one week was set as the reporting deadline. For the most part, the insurance companies are based on this requirement.

Call the insurance company.

Nevertheless, the conditions can be customized in the insurance contracts from this period differ. This also applies to comprehensive insurance. These contracts are usually designed to be even more individual. If you report an accident to your insurance company and want to meet the deadline, you can read in your contract, what period Is available for you to report. Also in your contract are those Consequences of a delay regulated.

Report a liability claim always, before the deadline has expired. While it is unlikely that your insurance company will refuse to settle the claim completely, the overdraft can cause it only part takes over. One reason for this may be that the delay meant that the insurance company was unable to assess the damage from the insurance side.

Inform the opposing insurance company about the accident

For any regulatory claims that may arise, you should also report the accident opposing insurance Report. The deadline for this is two weeks. In the message must all damage as well as the Amount of damage be listed. But also without such details the accident can be reported to the opposing insurance company. After a traffic accident, everyone involved in the accident is obliged not to leave the scene of the accident. You need all the important data change. These include, among others:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Name of the liability insurance
  4. License Plate

If the other party involved in the accident has a Hit and run commits or refuses to provide information about himself, the accident can still be reported to his insurance company. For this, however, it is important that they are at the scene of the accident make a note of the license plate. If you have the Central call of the car insurers on the telephone number 0800/2502600 call, you will find out which one Liability insurance is responsible for your damage. Another tip: In our post "Conduct at the scene of the accident“There is everything you need to know about behavior at the scene of an accident.

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