Subscription to Mercedes-Benz Young Stars starts!

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Subscription Mercedes Benz Young Stars Subscription for Mercedes Benz Young Stars starts!

"Junge Sterne", the Mercedes-Benz used cars in certified quality, are now also available by subscription. Mercedes-Benz and ViveLaCar turn the Mercedes-Benz dealer into a car subscription provider. ViveLaCar takes over all services and lead generation. The Stuttgart-based service provider credits the Mercedes-Benz dealer with the monthly income for the vehicles placed on the subscription. The costs for vehicle tax, license fee, service and maintenance costs are covered by ViveLaCar. In addition, ViveLaCar takes on all the necessary services such as customer care, credit checks, invoicing, debt collection, claims and parking ticket processing and ultimately also bears the risk for the retailer.

Subscription to Mercedes-Benz Young Stars

MERCEDES BENZ X 350D 6 WHEELER BLACK EDITION 6 subscription to Mercedes Benz Junge Sterne starts!

"The 'Junge Sterne' subscription will soon open up a fourth, lucrative sales channel for Mercedes-Benz dealers in Germany in addition to cash purchases, financing and leasing," says Axel Wellmann, Head of Used Vehicle Management at Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales Germany (MBD). "The platform developed by the Stuttgart start-up ViveLaCar as an extensive" white label cooperation "is ideal for introducing a new, young target group to our premium brand," continues Wellmann. Interested dealers can now contact inform and register for webinars without obligation.

Risk-free, stress-free and without long-term commitment

The bookings by the subscribers are made entirely online. With just a few clicks, interested parties can find the Mercedes-Benz model they want. The monthly all-inclusive price is based on the selected kilometer package. It includes all fixed costs for taxes and insurance. Maintenance costs and seasonal tires are also included. The subscriber only has to worry about refueling or charging the battery, parking fees and any parking tickets. “Our concept is based on the close cooperation between manufacturers and retailers. Therefore, we are proud of the start of the Junge Sterne subscription and can thus guarantee the subscribers a premium service and the authentic brand experience at the Mercedes-Benz partner, because the collection and return, as well as the service, ideally takes place at the Mercedes-Benz partner. Optionally, the vehicle can also be delivered to the front door. Subscribers can freely determine the duration of vehicle use. The only thing that is fixed is a notice period of three months ”, says Mathias R. Albert, CEO of ViveLaCar.

About ViveLaCar

Mobility fintech start-up from Stuttgart with locations in Berlin, Vienna and Zagreb. ViveLaCar is changing the automotive business with innovative solutions and creating added value for all stakeholders. The focus is on the requirement to significantly improve the added value of automobiles, to conserve resources and to create an optimal user experience for customers. The VALOR® business application developed by ViveLaCar optimizes sales for dealers and offers customers a perfect car subscription. ViveLaCar ONE® is the new offer for everyone who wants to combine economical and flexible car use with the creation of new free spaces. A few clicks are enough to access a daily changing range of current vehicles from many brands and models on the platform, which are offered by subscription, and to book them fully digitally. With immediate availability and a notice period of just three months, ViveLaCar offers customers unique flexibility. ViveLaCar is already available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

MD exclusive Mercedes AMG C205 C 63 S Tracktool 3 subscription to Mercedes Benz Junge Sterne starts!

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Subscription Mercedes Benz Young Stars Subscription for Mercedes Benz Young Stars starts!

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