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Who pays the costs if the car is damaged by storms?

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Who pays the costs if the car is damaged by storms?

Hail damage are classically a case for the Partial insurance. If hailstones damage the surface of a vehicle, the Partial coverage the cost of the repair, less any deductible. However, it is important to report the damage promptly Date, Time of day as well as the Place to state precisely what happened. Partial comprehensive insurance also comes into play Flood damage, assuming the car was parked. Was warned of impending flooding and the vehicle still not brought to safety, can the Insurance by virtue of gross negligence reduce or refuse payment. The responsibility of the vehicle owner should not be underestimated.

Storm damage and the costs

An interesting detail Storm damage is the wind strength. Insurance often assumes that the storm at least wind force 8 must have achieved in order to compensate for the damage. This underlines the importance of the direct connection between the storm and the damage caused. Water hammersDamage that results in engine damage due to water entering the combustion chamber is usually not covered by comprehensive insurance unless the flooding occurred so suddenly that the engine could not be stopped in time. In such cases, however, one can Comprehensive insurance apply, but the question of gross negligence also arises here.

Obligation to provide traffic safety in the event of tree damage

If a tree falls on a car due to a storm, the tree owner may be held responsible if they are injured Traffic safety obligation can be proven. This includes regular checks on the tree for diseases or instability. If a tree owner cannot demonstrate sufficient precautionary measures, they could be held responsible. However, in cases of force majeure, such as a healthy tree falling due to extreme weather conditions, the responsibility does not lie with the tree owner.

Coverage of costs and insurance conditions

Although partial comprehensive insurance covers a lot of storm damage, the vehicle owner remains the owner not always spared. If there is evidence of gross negligence or failure to heed warnings, the insurance company can reduce or refuse payments. It is also important to know that partial insurance covers damage in the event of damage will not be more expensive, as there are no no-claims classes like there are for motor vehicle liability or fully comprehensive insurance.

Who pays the costs if the car is damaged by storms?


  • In times of increasing severe weather events, it is essential to have your own Insurance Cover to know and understand what steps need to be taken in the event of damage. Our information provides valuable guidance on how to act correctly in the event of storm damage and avoid financial surprises.

summary information on the topic:

  • Flood damage: Examination of the damage case is crucial.
  • Storm damage: Dependence on the wind strength; Wind force 8 is often a prerequisite for insurance coverage.
  • hail damage: Classic case for Partial insurance.
  • Flood damage When the car is parked: Normally covered by partial comprehensive insurance, but influenced by flood warnings and gross negligence.
  • Water damage to a moving car: Comprehensive insurance does not pay in the event of water hammer caused by your own driving behavior, except in the event of sudden flooding.
  • Responsibility for storm damage: Partial insurance covers damage caused by external influences; Fully comprehensive insurance is necessary for damage caused by yourself.
  • Tree falls on car: Liability of the tree owner in the event of a breach of the traffic safety obligation; no liability in the event of force majeure.
  • Traffic safety obligation: Importance of regular tree inspections to avoid liability claims.
  • Hail damage report: Need for timely reporting with precise information to the Insurance.
  • Cost consequences: Partial comprehensive insurance without influence on the no-claims class; Deductible may apply.
  • Workshop bond: Possible agreement in the insurance policy that specifies requirements for repairs.

Who pays the costs if the car is damaged by storms?

What is insured under fully comprehensive insurance?

  • The Comprehensive insurance offers comprehensive protection for your vehicle. It covers all damage that is also covered by partial comprehensive insurance, such as theft, natural damage, animal collisions, animal bites, fire and broken glass. In addition, fully comprehensive insurance covers costs for damage caused by own fault oder durch Vandalism arise. Especially for New cars, expensive cars and new drivers It is recommended that you take out fully comprehensive insurance.

What does comprehensive insurance not cover?

  • There are specific situations in which comprehensive insurance doesn't pay. This includes damage that was caused intentionally as well as damage that occurs under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also Wear damage or damage caused by excessive use of the vehicle is not covered.

Until when does fully comprehensive insurance make sense?

  • The decision for or against fully comprehensive insurance often depends on the Value of the vehicle away. The rule of thumb is: if the fully comprehensive insurance premium per year is approx 300 EUR extra The cost of partial comprehensive insurance is that fully comprehensive protection is usually worthwhile for cars that... up to six years old are or have a value of at least EUR 10.000 to have.

What about self-inflicted behavior?

  • For those who are self-inflicted Accidents Fully comprehensive insurance covers the repair costs of your own vehicle. Exceptions exist in the case of grossly negligent behavior, such as driving under the influence of alcohol Insurance can refuse or reduce payment.

Can fully comprehensive insurance reject damage?

  • Yes at gross negligence Fully comprehensive insurance can partially or completely refuse to cover the damage. In such cases, you will have to bear the costs of repairing the damage yourself.

What do I get in the event of a total loss?

  • At a economic total loss, which was your fault, fully comprehensive insurance will reimburse the difference between that Replacement value and the residual value your vehicle.

Will you be upgraded to fully comprehensive insurance?

  • Yes, after self-inflicted damage you can Promotion in fully comprehensive insurance. This usually leads to higher insurance premiums. An upgrade can be avoided by paying for the damage yourself. With some insurance companies you can also “have a good claim”.

How much does comprehensive insurance cost?

  • The amount of the premium increase after an accident depends on your individual situation No-claims class (SF) away. An accident can lead to a downgrade, which significantly increases the premiums for comprehensive insurance (and motor vehicle liability). Over a period of ten years, this can result in additional costs of over 1.000 euros .

What does fully comprehensive insurance pay in the event of third-party fault?

  • In the event of a total loss Of third party fault You will receive the difference between the replacement value and the residual value opposing liability insurance. In the event of a total loss due to your own fault, the Comprehensive insurance these cost.

Who pays the costs if the car is damaged by storms?

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