Video: Radical RXC 500 Turbo - Attack on the Nordschleife

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We have an interesting video on the channel of "World Supercars" found for you. The video: "Radical RXC 500 Turbo - Attack on the Nordschleife" Unfortunately, it was posted online without any meaningful details, so we just leave it with the clip. We hope you enjoy watching. If we have found out any technical details / information you can find them, as always, in the lower part.

  • Goal: fastest lap around the Nurburgring (Radical currently holds the lap record of 6.48min with the SR8 LM)
  • five years development time
  • street legal
  • via 530 PS at 6100 revolutions per minute
  • £ 481-ft at 5000 rpm
  • Weight ratio over 462 PS per ton
  • 0-160 km / h in 6,8 seconds

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