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3D metal engraving: the very special car painting!

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Nissan GT R Kuhl Racing body kit Nissan GT R Tuning 2 2 3D metal engraving: The very special car painting!

For many people, the car is an important part of their lives. And for some, it is even more than that and is sometimes on par with the wife or home. It is their pride and joy. So many try to modify and improve their car and sometimes put all their heart and soul into their savings. But, not only in terms of performance, the optics must of course also be right. That is why there are a wide variety of paintwork and design elements for the car. One of these methods is 3D metal engraving. This engraving is particularly interesting and complex.

The effort is definitely worth it!

Rohan 2020 Kuhl Racing 1958 Chevrolet Impala Metal Engraving Tuning 3D 26 3D Metal Engraving: The very special car painting!

First of all, it has to be admitted that it is a lot of work to put a 3D metal engraving on the car. Regardless of whether it is an engraving that was made in the traditional way by hand or one that is engraved by a machine. Compared to normal painting, both variants are complex. But how does this kind of engraving painting work? As mentioned, it is partially or completely applied by hand. This also explains the enormous effort. You can use special hand grinders (Dremel-like devices etc.) and partially grind the design directly into the sheet. In principle, however, special lacquer layers should already be available in order to achieve a greater depth of the engraving. The process does not necessarily have general applications because the implementation varies depending on the painter. The version with the lacquer layer is applied layer by layer. The accuracy and precision is of great importance in this work. But the effort is worth it. In the end, an individual engraving is created, which makes the car unique. The engraving can also be carried out optimally and efficiently with a stencil coating or as a stencil engraving. A special lacquer is used here as well. It has to be applied very precisely and with great effort, so that the desired effect finally occurs. And the choice of the car should also fit. Because the type of paint does not suit every car. The effect can vary greatly depending on the vehicle. It is not uncommon for part of the car to be engraved. This is also complex, but of course significantly less than a complete body.

What is the effect of the paint job?

Rohan 2020 Kuhl Racing 1958 Chevrolet Impala Metal Engraving Tuning 3D 28 3D Metal Engraving: The very special car painting!

The special engraving makes a big difference to normal paintwork and series parts. Because the individual, hand-made, engraving particularly attracts attention and a WOW effect. The effect and the purpose of this paint job is to attract attention. The special engraving ensures that the car stands out. This type of painting is much more complex than one Airbrush and not in the beginning to compare with a simple one foiling. You can engrave it feel! Due to the engraving, the car looks livelier and more imposing and sometimes surreal, depending on the setting of the engraving and the choice of motif. And the effect is further supported by a certain color scheme. Because the arrangement of the colors and the gradation of color tones can further enhance the desired 3D effect. A 3D color scheme is used for this.

Why such a special paint job?

Counter question: Why are you installing new alloy wheels? Because it is individual and therefore the sense of tuning! The primary goal is to stand out from the other cars. The unique engraving and the resulting effect make the car a real eye-catcher. There are different variants and forms of the engravings. They can differ significantly in shape, color and pattern. One advantage of engraving painting is that it can be designed extremely individually and is almost impossible to copy. Thus, the car has a high recognition value and will remain a unique piece. It could be a disadvantage if damage occurs that affects the engraving. If the car is rammed and the engraving damaged, it can be extremely difficult to repair the broken part of the engraving. Nevertheless, it cannot be disproved that an engraving paint attracts a lot of attention.

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Rohan 2020 Kuhl Racing 1958 Chevrolet Impala Metal Engraving Tuning 3D 17 3D Metal Engraving: The very special car painting!

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go 3D metal engraving: The very special car painting!

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