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Almost as old as the tuning itself - rims widening

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Rims widening Widening widening Almost as old as the tuning itself Rim widening

The aim of tuning is to rebuild your own vehicle so that it is unique. An old method that our fathers and grandfathers have already used (inasmuch as they were fans of the tuning), is the widening of the original (then) steel rims. Almost everything is possible. When rims, the rim is simply cut through and in the middle of the rim, a ring with the desired width is attached by welding. You can widen the rims both outwards and inwards. Even the offset can be changed. The rim star is removed and re-welded according to offset. While our fathers and grandfathers widened their steel rims with simple tools, and therefore frequently had problems with imbalances, today professional tools and state-of-the-art rims widening technology are available. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Rim widening - step by step

Rims widen broadening widen tuning 2 e1560518707245 Almost as old as the tuning itself Widening rims

Below explain how to get the widened rims:

Step ⓶: - The order of broadening
When ordering the widening, you choose the dimensions (diameter) of your rim or rims that you want to widen. You also choose how many inches you want to widen your rim or rims. There are even tuners with special online forms in which you can enter all the important information and receive a price. As a rule, it is the broadening Rim to which the price then refers. If you want to widen all 4 rims of your car, you have to do this 4 times. Per rim, however, you should already expect about 250-300 € (13-15 inches). Larger rims correspondingly more.

Step 2 - The finish of the widening
If the rim has been widened, it makes sense to process it immediately. Many suppliers therefore offer further processing in the form of powder coating and / or sandblasting etc. directly in combination with the widening of the rims. Here, too, the finish must usually be ordered separately for each individual rim. With powder coating, you normally have the choice of a color according to RAL colors. Of course, very individual color requests can also be implemented.

Step 3 - Paying and shipping
These conditions may vary from provider to provider. Inform yourself so before the respective provider about the conditions. If the company is not with you in the city you must count on 50 to 90 € shipping costs for sending to the company and of course the return shipping plus packaging material. Almost all providers, however, allow the sending of the rims. If you want to send in the rims, you should definitely indicate to which order the rims belong.

Step 4 - the waiting time
This can also vary from provider to provider depending on the number of rims. In a further processing, of course, the waiting time increased by a few days. Just a powder coating takes a lot of time. An optimal result requires just its corresponding time.

Step 5 - Shipping the rims
After completion, the suppliers will ship the rims to the address you specify. Unless you have the opportunity to pick up the rims.

Rims widen broadening widen tuning 3 e1560518762171 Almost as old as the tuning itself Widening rims

Glow-Special is a provider that carries out rim expansion. Rim dimensions from twelve to twenty inches are possible on request. The company also offers a rim extension for aluminum rims. Another provider is lx-steelies. The 13 to 17 inch format seems to be able to spread. Other providers are Lim-rims, DS Tuning or "widened steel rims drawbar " who advertises on Facebook.

Admission ability:

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning Almost as old as the tuning itself, widening the rims

In the 2-wheeler sector, this is still possible with the blessing of the TÜV. With the car, everything seems to be a bit more difficult. Rindt-Felgen used to offer everything for passenger cars with TÜV, but in recent years they have only been doing this for motorcycle rims. The reason is that the motorcycle rims are often not welded. So you can take screwed rim beds and widen the wheel in this way. Basically you can say there is No ABE or certificate - entry for widened rims. It is at the discretion of the auditor, who nowadays cannot or does not want to do anything without paperwork in the form of reports. If a company should deliver a strength report, things could look different. Such a provider writes on its website: "By TÜV special registration or individual acceptance is the possibly still possible (but extremely expensive) ".

the video shows you how it was back then

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