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Retrofitting speed-dependent steering support?

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Active steering Dynamic Servotronic retrofitting Retrofitting speed-dependent steering support?

Active steering is a steering system variant used by BMW. At medium and low speeds, the steering ensures that the steering angle is very large even when the steering wheel is turned slightly. Active steering ensures sporty steering at medium speeds and enables targeted parking without having to make excessive steering effort. In addition to active steering, BMW also used Servotronic. Older vehicles that do not have active steering can be equipped with Servotronic or "normal" steering. Active steering and its advantages are discussed in more detail below. It also explains whether active steering can be retrofitted and whether retrofitting is worthwhile. Active steering from BMW received the German Business Innovation Prize in 2004. Active steering systems are also available from other providers. The function is relatively similar, but the name is different. Audi calls it Dynamic steering, Mercedes also says about speed-dependent steering assistance Active axis response and Porsche speaks of one electromechanical power steering (Porsche Torque Vectoring PTV and PTV Plus) etc. Each system has a few peculiarities, peculiarities and technical refinements, but they all support the driver when driving the car.

Active steering - what is it?

Active steering Dynamic Servotronic retrofitting 2 e1586341372508 Retrofitting speed-dependent steering support?

Back to the BMW system. Active steering is also known as speed-adjusted steering. The advantages are the regulation and adjustment of the steering angle at low and medium speeds. For example, at 30 km / h or a lower speed, fewer steering wheel rotations are necessary to adjust the direction of travel. The steering ratio is variable with active steering and is adapted to the steering angle and speed of the vehicle. The steering wheel does not have to be gripped around; even smaller steering wheel movements are sufficient, for example, to park. Active steering is particularly noticeable at low and medium speeds. At higher speeds, for example over 100 km / h, a larger steering wheel lock is necessary in order to change the direction of travel. While the steering takes effect immediately at low speeds, the turn must be made deliberately at high speeds in order to change the direction of travel. Active steering includes Servotronic and is a complex technology.

Active steering - can it be retrofitted?

Workshop vehicle repair tuning build yourself retrofitting a speed-dependent steering support?

Internet forums often ask in the BMW tuning area about the possibility of retrofitting active steering. Retrofitting is only possible with great technical and financial effort. The complex steering system requires an additional control unit and, depending on the vehicle, changes must be made to the line systems. The changes also affect the steering gear, the radiator, the oil lines and other vehicle areas. It can be expected to cost several thousand euros and we cannot give a 100% guarantee that it will work and can be operated legally. Whether such a retrofit is worthwhile or whether retrofitting a Servotronic is already sufficient is up to the interested tuner. And of course that's basically the case with all modern vehicles. No matter which vehicle type forms the basis. The systems are always complex and equipped with a lot of technology. Was there a vehicle model already? optional with steering assistance ex works, retrofitting is easier than if the vehicle was never offered with this function. For example, if you want to equip an old BMW E30 with the function, the conversion is extremely complex and expensive. But if money does not play a role, such a vehicle can also - with huge effort - the steering assistance may be installed. The sense can of course be questioned!

Active steering - necessary for older vehicles?

There is a lot of discussion in the forums as to whether such retrofitting is useful for older vehicles. It is often suggested that only one Servotronic be installed and no complete active steering. Active steering can only be integrated into an older vehicle through the complex electronic and vehicle conversions mentioned above, and it is questionable whether the advantages outweigh a normal servo. Specialists have to decide whether the prerequisites for installing such a steering system exist at all. In any case, the interested tuner has other options to make the steering easier. Which options are available should be discussed with a specialist workshop or an experienced tuner. Furthermore, the road traffic approval of such converted vehicles must also be observed. The legal consequences should be considered and the project should therefore also be discussed with an examiner beforehand.

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Active steering Dynamic Servotronic retrofitting 3 e1586341589444 Retrofitting speed-dependent steering support?

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