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What is necessary for a conversion to a dune buggy?

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Dune buggy Beach buggy conversion Tuning What is necessary for a conversion to a dune buggy?

At the latest as Bud Spencer & Terence Hill in a QUADIX VINTAGE BUGGY (was only built 100 times) were on the way, everyone wanted to own such a copy with a yellow cap! And if you didn't get any of the rare buggies, you could build one yourself. But it's not that easy! At least if the weiterhin thus on the public Street adress should be driven. Who a vehicle to one buggy rebuild would like, who should already have a suitable one Buggy base worry about high cost and even greater MOT problems to avoid. It is advisable to have a pre-made Buggy base to use one that pleases instead of one x-any Rebuilding a car. And you should make sure right from the start that you use a base in which the floor pan is well preserved.

Conversion to a buggy engine and disc brakes

Dune buggy Beach buggy conversion Tuning VW What is necessary for a conversion to a dune buggy?

Buggy-suitable Engine and disc brakes in the front area should be for the Buggy conversion available be. It is advisable to set up the buggy base in a specialist workshop and get the idea in advance the TÜV to communicate and discuss. Is the vehicle (Buggy base, buggy-compatible motor, front disc brakes etc.) technically perfect and from TÜV approved, then more Remodeling respectively. Of course, these require more TÜV approvals and exams. When tuning the engine, for example no shortened floor platform be used. It is therefore advisable to have a buggy base without a shortened floor platform to use to bring the vehicle through the TÜV.

Be careful with EU vehicles

EU vehicles are also available as Buggy base available. However, the question is whether TÜV or Admissions office drive such a model without any problems. Which buggy as Basis is used for further renovation, that of course also depends on the personal taste of the owner. However, it is advisable to look closely at the various models in addition to the appearance inquire and only then the right one to choose.

Engine and buggy conversion

Dune buggy Beach buggy conversion Tuning 2 What is necessary for a conversion to a dune buggy?

Buggy conversions with one more powerful engine can equip problematic will. Buggies have gotten used to driving behavior and the vehicles can have extreme engines instable and badly drivable will. Often due to the low weight of a buggy 1600 engines with approx. 50 hp up to 60 hp used. The engines are easily enough, as the light companions one good acceleration enable. Anyone can do an engine conversion Engine Swap, too unexpected Problems with the TÜV to lead. It should therefore before a renovation with a tester the project will be discussed. It is important to know where for example Reinforcements must be attached for the conversion. In a specialized tuning workshop you can certainly ask a lot or the vehicle completely Have it rebuilt. The conversion to a buggy can be done with enormous cost be connected. It should already be previously Effort and benefit are weighed. So it is best to buy one of the following ready-made buggies! 

  • Secma Fun Xtrem 500 buggy
  • Volkswagen Buggy Apal Jet
  • Volkswagen buggy super ruska
  • Vintage buggy
  • Polaris Fight Wolf 1500 4 × 4 buggy

Conversion from car to buggy

Dune buggy Beach buggy conversion Tuning Corvette What is necessary for a conversion to a dune buggy?
A conversion based on a Corvette

Of course, you can also use compact small cars as the basis for one Self-made buggy use. But as a rule, such vehicles are only very conditionally suitable for it. Suspension travel, ground clearance and drive concept do not fit a classic buggy and have to be retrofitted for example by means of Höherlegung or special Off-road tires elaborately adapted. The floor pan of a conventional car is also clear heavier than that often used Tube chassis one beach buggy. It must also be borne in mind that a Full acceptance becomes necessary that with high costs is afflicted. And whether this decrease in the end successfully is that can can not be be said. Should the vehicle can not be Participating in public street life, of course, it all looks clear easier out. Nevertheless, the basis is more suitable can not be !

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