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Protection for parts of the body - the Body Armor Plate!

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Body Armor Plate Body Protection Tuning Protection for parts of the body the Body Armor Plate!

Body armor plate or Body armor cover are terms from English, roughly with "Body armor plate or with body protection plate“Can be translated. Such a plate for the car is available, for example, for off-road vehicles and is intended to enhance or at least individualize the appearance of the vehicle. Furthermore, the Body Armor Plate should serve as protection and at the same time be used to cover damage to the vehicle and paintwork. The Body Armor Plate is discussed in more detail below.

Body Armor Plate - what is it made of?

Body Armor Plate Body Protection Tuning 4 e1583902996259 Protection for parts of the body the Body Armor Plate!

The Body Armor Plate is available, for example, for off-road vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler or the Land Rover Defender and can be made of steel, aluminum or UV-treated thermoplastic (plastic). The articles are often equipped with a diamond pattern and can be bought for different areas of the vehicle. Body armor plates for the rear area of ​​an off-road vehicle, for example, are commercially available. The articles can also be purchased for the side areas of the bonnet, for parts of the fenders or for the front apron. The manufacturers of the Body Armor Plates offer the plates in matching sets and sometimes sell complete "Body Armor Plate Kits".

Body Armor Plate - what are its functions?

Body Armor Plate Body Protection Tuning 3 Protection for parts of the body the Body Armor Plate!

As the term “armor” already suggests, the body armor plate is intended to protect against damage to particularly endangered areas of the body. Such a record has NO bulletproof effect as the name might suggest. The protective plate is attached where all-terrain vehicles are particularly susceptible to damage, for example from stones or branches. After all, off-road vehicles should also be able to cope with difficult terrain without risking major paint damage. In addition, a body armor plate can be used to cover existing damage. If the side wall has a dent or a deep scratch at the back, there is no plate to cover this point. Of course, the protective plates, for example with the aforementioned diamond pattern, are also an eye-catcher and contribute to the individual design of a tuned vehicle. The diamond pattern on a body armor plate already indicates tough protection and is often used as a visual contrast to the rest of the vehicle. Especially if the off-roader has further modifications such as a Höherlegung, great Off-road tires or winch wearing.

Body Armor Plate - where are the plates?

The plates are available for certain vehicle types in specialist shops and on the Internet in various online shops. When purchasing, attention should be paid to the area of ​​application, the accuracy of fit and the number of plates per kit. If you are looking for a symmetrical look and protection for the side areas of the bonnet, you should order a kit with two Body Armor Plates.

What should be considered when buying?

When buying a Body Armor Plate, care should be taken to use high-quality and UV-resistant materials that actually offer protection and are suitable for the respective vehicle model. The plates should be easy to attach and protect the off-road vehicle from stones, sticks and other off-road obstacles. Care should also be taken to ensure that they are not Fake-Components (imitations), for example as a film. Variants made of robust, UV-treated plastic variants are available on the market and can be glued to the vehicle quickly and easily. It is important to also read the customer reviews on the items before buying. The Body Armor Plate should also visually enhance the vehicle and contribute to the individual vehicle look. With a body armor plate, the interested tuner receives an optimized, robust off-road vehicle protection.

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