The Autoankauf-Live offers its customers a technically well-founded vehicle evaluation

Car The car purchase live offers its customers a technically sound vehicle evaluation


Anyone who is unsure of the value of their used car is well advised to contact for a free vehicle valuation. Buying a used car is not only familiar with all kinds of vehicles, but also with all the facts about buying a truck. After an appointment has been made, a specialist drives out to the owner of the vehicle and carries out a well-founded vehicle evaluation on site, which is set out in an offer. In any case, this service is free of charge for the customer and does not entail any obligations. If you are very impatient, you can send general data and photos of the used car to ( and receive a preliminary assessment, which, however, is not binding. If the used car shows damage, the corresponding information on this clarifies the preliminary assessment.

How does the on-site appointment work exactly? How is the vehicle valuation carried out?

The owners of the used vehicle to be sold can easily contact the vehicle and truck purchase by email, SMS or phone call. An appointment is made quickly and easily and a preliminary assessment can be made on request. As a rule, the appointment for the non-binding vehicle valuation can be realized within one to two working days - unless otherwise requested by the seller. In any case, the vehicle registration document must be ready for the appointment, and in the event of a possible sale, the vehicle registration document as well as the report of the current general inspection and the AU. If repairs have been carried out on the vehicle that are relevant to the purchase of a truck or car, it is helpful to have these on hand as they can influence the assessment. The employee of provides himself with the necessary overview of all other parameters relevant for the vehicle evaluation. In addition to the mileage and the condition of the tires, this also includes the impression of the interior and of course the condition of the body and engine.

After evaluating the vehicle, the customer decides whether he wants to sell or not

After a brief but thorough examination, the used car buyer gives his rating. This can provide the seller with a valuable clue as to the value of his vehicle even if he does not want to sell it at the moment or to In this case, the employee leaves the customer without the customer owing him anything. However, if the car owner is interested in buying a vehicle from the dealer, the corresponding purchase contract can be drawn up and the sale concluded immediately after the vehicle has been valued. For this, all important papers and the car keys must be available and the vehicle owner must also show proof of identity so that the correct personal details can be entered in the purchase contract. As soon as this contract has been signed by both parties, the seller receives the agreed purchase price in the form of a cash payment. The de-registration or re-registration takes place after the sale by - the previous owner does not have to worry about anything else.

Brief summary offers its customers a free and non-binding vehicle evaluation. He looks for the vehicle that is suitable for the purchase of a truck or vehicle directly from the customer and subjects it to a professional examination, at the end of which he submits a binding offer.

auction auto sell vehicle pawnshop sale and lease back The live car purchase offers its customers a technically sound vehicle valuation

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