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Practical utensil: what is a car umbrella bag?

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In 2019, the average rainfall in Germany was 730 liters per square meter. However, the amount of precipitation in the various German regions is very different. Especially in spring, but sometimes also in summer and then again increasingly in autumn and winter, it is advisable to always have an umbrella with you in the car. There are small, handy umbrellas that fit in many a woman's handbag, but there are also larger umbrellas that - simply placed on the back seat - can become a dangerous or fatal "projectile" for the driver and passengers in an accident. For this reason, an umbrella bag is a useful tuning object. There are several models.

What is the point and use?

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The sense and benefit of such an umbrella bag in the car is that the umbrellas do not become a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident. In addition, an umbrella bag also serves to ensure that the umbrella is within easy reach. Because rains can come as a surprise. Black clouds in the sky in the region where you start your journey may only be expressed in drizzle, but at the destination there may be torrential rain. Umbrella bags are only installed as standard in a few vehicles such as those made by the manufacturer Skoda. And not just there. The practical companion has been available for almost all Skoda models (FABIA, RAPID, OCTAVIA, KAROQ, SCALA, KODIAQ) since the first generation of the SUPERB. Either in the form of umbrella compartments in the front doors or under the seats. As a rule, however, they are not installed by other providers and hardly any manufacturer offers them for retrofitting.

Are there any legal concerns?

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There are no legal concerns when attaching an umbrella bag to the back of the driver's or front passenger's seat. In the case of changing a complete door panel for one with an integrated umbrella compartment, there is nothing to consider from a legal point of view. Of course, only if the door can still be opened and closed properly and, of course, the window regulators and the like continue to work.

What else should be considered?

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However, it should be noted that if such an umbrella bag is attached to the driver or front passenger seat, that the passengers in the back seat of the car do not gain unauthorized access to the umbrella (s) and possibly have a little "fencing match" with them on the back seat which in turn seriously endangers the safety in the driver's cab of the car.

  • Which vehicles are suitable? In principle, all multi-seat vehicles are suitable for attaching an umbrella bag to the rear seat.
  • A third party mobile solution should dry quickly.
  • An optional permanently installed umbrella compartment should either have a special drain or be watertight.
  • Which construction methods are popular and useful? Umbrella bags come in different designs. They mainly differ in how many umbrellas they can hold. When it comes to the construction of the bag, it is important that it can be dismantled at any time. Because not all trips by car require that you bring umbrellas with you.

There are various hanging options for umbrella bags in the vehicle. You should choose one that is robust and offers plenty of storage space. The attachment should be as simple as possible. This means that it should not be necessary, for example, to remove the headrest from the front passenger seat. A variant made of a material that is water-repellent is also useful. After using the umbrella, it should definitely not have to be stowed in a bag in the trunk.

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