Tuning: What should be considered when changing the rolling circumference?

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Changing the rolling circumference - i.e. the diameter - of car tires is a means of tuning with two special effects. The following applies:

  • A smaller rolling circumference allows the vehicle to accelerate better, a larger rolling circumference reduces the acceleration.
  • A smaller rolling circumference reduces the maximum speed at the maximum speed, a larger rolling circumference increases the maximum speed.

Motorists can definitely opt for a more sporty acceleration behavior with a smaller rolling circumference and for the previously (theoretically) waive possible maximum speed. This is worthwhile, among other things, if the maximum speed possible according to the engine power is already reduced (almost always at 250 km / h) or if the driver hardly needs this speed for different reasons. But the opposite is also possible: A rider might want a larger range of wheels, because he does not accelerate so fast, but still wants to drive a bit faster in the top (for example with a vehicle that has only been able to achieve ~ 210 - 220 km / h so far). What should be considered when changing the rolling circumference?

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Changing the rolling circumference: Observe the operating instructions

The rolling circumference of the tires must not deviate too far from the original, otherwise, in the worst case, the operating license may expire. The load and the speed index must still match the vehicle. The permitted tires are noted for each vehicle in the registration certificate Part 1 or in the Certificate of Conformity (CoC). The regulations for the permitted tires include factors such as the load capacity, the maximum speed of the tires as well as requirements from technical test centers, vehicle manufacturers and wheel / tire manufacturers. Deviations from the original are permitted, but they are not very high: the tolerances are between -2,5 and +1,5%. The narrow upper limit is due to the necessary freedom of movement. Of course, larger wheels must not hit the wheel arch. Some motorists now wonder what this is supposed to bring, but - together with other tuning measures - effects are definitely noticeable. Anyone who changes the standard 195/65 R 15 tires for 205/55 R 16 to 225/40 R 18 tires will clearly notice the difference.

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Change rolling circumference: What does it cost?

The one-off measure costs the price of new tires (and often rims), But it's not done with that. Larger wheel-tire combinations often cost more by other rolling resistance and a different wear, which in turn depends on the driving style. If the clearance for larger tires actually no longer exists, even the wheelhouse must be adjusted, which is a price-intensive measure. Anyone who flirts with it, should be advised in advance exactly.

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