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What are so-called deep dish rims for the car?

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Deep Dish Rims Rims Raeder Tuning What are so-called deep dish rims for the car?

Hardly any other topic is addressed as often as Rims. After all, it's the part of the car that contributes enormously to the first impression and is very quickly noticed. So it's no wonder that, as in every area, there are extreme and extraordinary products. Deep dish rims for example. They are great for rational motoriststhat keep an eye on Environment and one on economics appear serious want. That was natural the gelog. Deep Dish is something for posers, for flexers, for proles who think "I want to really hit the shit“And make the neighbor twitch with its 5-liter displacement sound. And we don't mean that in a negative way!

What could be nicer than stepping out of line?

To the point: Deep dish rims or “deep dish rims” are nothing more than rims which Wider than normal are and between the spokes and the outer lip a depression exhibit. With extreme, sometimes negative, offset these rims guarantee an extravagant appearance. The only purpose of the rims is cosmetic, since the driving characteristics do not change positively.

Deep Dish Rims Rims Raeder Tuning 1 What are so-called deep dish rims for the car?

Disadvantages of deep dish rims

  1. Because the rims are essential wider than are normal, the handling of the vehicle may change worsen. The curve radius in particular can increase. In the worst case, the tire touches the wheel arch or fender.
  2. With deep rims is at high risk for Curb damage. Because they are wider than the wheels they are replacing, they can be further away from the vehicle than standard wheels. This means that the front of the wheel is at a higher risk of hitting the curb when parking or cornering. In order to avoid such damage, so-called "RimSavers" be used.
  3. Deep dish rims can difficult to clean and still harder to polish be. They tend to get dirty faster than conventional rims. Especially the one Brake dust collects better.

Legal Concerns?

Yes, in principle, only those for this are allowed on a vehicle permissible tire sizes be used. Such a rim is often a one-off production from suppliers outside Europe. While it can be used without any problems in many other countries, it is anything but easy in this country. Means individual acceptance an entry is conceivable, the necessary ones documents and Gutachten but are only present in the rarest of cases. Exceptions, of course, confirm the rule. Should the vehicle not Trailer Queen then you should definitely advance Find out whether the desired deep dish rims registrable are.

Tip: New wheelset planned? Our Tire calculator says if it fits!

Police fine catalog tuning What are so-called deep dish rims for the car?

Why do you do that?

For the same reason (most) get a spoiler or Rally stripes on the vehicle. It's about giving the car a personal touch. You want to customize it and stand out from the crowd. Deep dish rims give the vehicle a "nasty" look. The rims can look particularly good on muscle cars. Anyone who buys a Ford Mustang just to "flex" does not care about the driving quality anyway. Big engine, big displacement, big sound, so why not big tires too? On the other hand, they are not suitable for sports cars whose driveability and emotion when driving should be the focus.

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