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Repainting a vehicle costs a lot of time and money, so gluing patches are a great way to quickly get a new look. Most of the trim strips today come from the Far East, but German companies also offer a variety of products. Decorative strips are a special film for the vehicle, which is glued directly to the paint. Within a few seconds, the film provides a new look, whether with stripes, circles or other geometric shapes. Watch out: Vehicle stickers are similar to the trim, but a different tuning genre.

How are decorative stripes applied?

Decorative strips applying tuning blog

The use of decorative strips is not a big deal and does not necessarily have to be done by a specialist. The reason is that the trim strips are applied to the vehicle like conventional stickers. It is recommended that you think about which patterns you want. This makes the subsequent application much easier, since you do not have to remove the stripes again and again if you do not like them. Otherwise, decorative strips are self-adhesive and very flexible. You do not have to apply glue, but as soon as you press the strips, they stick to the paint. In the best case, you thoroughly clean the vehicle before, so that the trim strips adhere well. Also radii are possible. Here is the rule: The thinner the strip, the tighter radii you can stick. A bit of skill in mounting is of course required.

Many different variants

Decorative stripes applying Tuningblog2

One of the biggest advantages of the decorative stripes is that today there are many different variants, shapes, colors and materials. This makes the stripes incredibly changeable, which is why they are used in many areas. This means that decorative stripes must not only be attached to cars, but also motorcycles, boats, scooters or motorhomes are allowed and can be embellished. In this respect, decorative strips are used in both land and water vehicles. This is due to the special properties, because decorative stripes are weather-resistant and perfectly designed for outdoor use. Ultraviolet rays, oil, seawater or road salt usually pose no threat to the high-performance films. This preserves the decorative stripes for a long time, even during wild rides.

A colorful selection

One of the main advantages of the decorative stripes is the huge selection. Today, there are almost all colors that harmonize perfectly with the usual vehicle tones. For example, white, black, yellow, red, blue or green. Even chrome can be used here and does not cause problems like one complete chrome foil, In addition, you can opt for matte or glossy films, creating a very special look. But you should not let the latitudes out of your sight. There are very thin strips, between one to three millimeters, but also thicker strips up to 100 millimeters. Therefore take some time and find the perfect combination of decorative stripes.

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Of course that had not happened yet!

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