Dirty steering wheel and Co.? It'll be clean again!

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Cleaning technology over time 8 Dirty steering wheel and Co.? It'll be clean again!

Clean up the interior of your car regularly? You should definitely do this, as there are many places germs accumulate. After taking the kitchen garbage out of the house, many people wash their hands. But hardly anyone washes their hands after driving a car. In most cases it would be more than appropriate. So here are a few suggestions from us for a clean vehicle. You can easily keep your car clean yourself.

Clean hard-to-reach areas

When you start cleaning your vehicle, the first thing you should do is remove any coarse rubbish that is too big to vacuum up. Make sure you do too under the seats and clean the car carpets. Move the seats as far forward as possible and backward as far as possible to get to all places. Afterwards, use a vacuum cleaner to remove minor spills and debris suck up. Tip: Interior cleaning: This is necessary for a well-maintained car!

Cleaning the interior tidying up garbage Dirty steering wheel and Co.? It'll be clean again!

Eliminate bad odors

If you eat in your car often, you have probably noticed that lingering odors are a problem. Dedusting You should therefore regularly close the ventilation slots and disinfect the air conditioner at least once a year. A good tool for this is a Brush, as it is well suited for cleaning the ventilation slots. But suck in the dust you brushed off immediately so that it does not settle again directly in other places in the car. Tip: Win the battle against musty air conditioning smells!

Cleaning the air conditioning Service stinks circulating air 1 e1618225914526 Dirty steering wheel and Co.? It'll be clean again!

Regular cleaning of the dashboard

You have the dashboard in view every time you drive. So make sure it is free of dust and fingerprints remain. For regular cleaning, you should keep cloths in the vehicle so that you can clean the fittings at any time. For more intensive cleaning, you should use a cotton swab or Toothbrush use because it stubborn dirt in hard-to-reach places remote can be.

Interior cleaning cleaning the car interior instructions 1 Dirty steering wheel and Co.? It'll be clean again!

clean the windows

A clean car window is not only more beautiful to look at, but also serves that purpose traffic safety. Smears, fingerprints and dust build up over time and can even be while driving dazzle. That is why you should use the slices regularly clean inside and out. It is important that you use the cleaning agent not directly Spray onto the dirty pane, but onto the microfiber cloth, to avoid dripping stains as much as possible. Always buff in one motion that one Eight or a circle is equivalent to. You should also not forget to lower the window a little to get to the upper part of the pane. Tip: Clean car windows for excellent visibility!

cleaning windows car Dirty steering wheel and Co.? It'll be clean again!

Proper cleaning of the car seats

The Floors and seats of the car are the most used and are usually the first spots to get dirty. If you pay attention to the regular cleaning of these areas, it will make a visible difference to the look of your vehicle. Upholstered surfaces such as Carpet mats and car seats should be with a Multipurpose fabric cleaner and a stain be treated. If your vehicle's mats are made of rubber, they can simply be washed with soap and water. If your vehicle has leather seats, you should get special ones Leather towels Use to remove dirt and visible stains before treating the seats with conditioner. This can be used to create a waterproof barrier that will restore dull color. Tip: Maintain the leather upholstery with a color refresher!

upholstery stain clean car clean dirty steering wheel and Co.? It'll be clean again!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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